What is Digital Marketing ? How brands and industry are defining Digital roles and skills, The digital marketing is a broad system which consist of so many skilled features such as the digital mind, content marketing, social media marketing and many more means of how you can make your brands to get to your audience. It simply means the way you brand your business or the way you get your brand to your consumers through the digital media by using inbound such as the social media like Facebook , Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and many more.

These are basic tools in digital marketing channels. Let me bore you a little, have u heard or seen the internet of a thing ? if yes then u don’t need this further explanation but if you haven’t then you have to stay alert to see this little content i am trying to review to you.


The future of the internet will make we humans less active and will make things easy to use why ? information dissemination will be done in a sec using RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification Technology ) the use of radio waves to send information to RFID readers that can be connected to the internet can you see the future of communication that’s by the way now let’s visualize it, The first introduction to this internet of a thing is to tell you that digital marketing will go a long way because it will make your brands awareness available to your potential customers and businesses.

What does this mean for a young person who wants to build their digital footprint via social media? The opportunity is now, with all the stats you can leverage on a planned brand strategy providing useful content and outreach to your targeted audience. Lot of channels on digital marketing to use, is it Email Marketing, PPC (Pay per click), SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Online public relation.

What’s all these ? you asking yourself okay to be a successful digital marketer two or more of these channels will make you achieve your goals now you see it’s high time we Nigerians take over the internet as a digital marketer not just go on social media for usage alone but something you will leverage on to get a long term result as income, we all love money but you have to take the risk also to get your fortune.

Be a digital marketer today. See you in my next article, Thank you for the time. for question and answer session @yungblaccmale on twitter for now using these hashtags #Rebranding #DigitalMarketing #SMM

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