Words of a Proud Ghanaian

On a day like this I can't be more proud of who I am.
I can't be more proud of my name.
I can't be more proud of the food I eat .
I am proud GHANAIAN.

There are so many things not going on well on my mother land. 
But I cannot help but stand proud, thinking how far Ghana has come.

We might not be there yet but we’ve left.
We might not be the greatest but we’ve taken that step. We’ve set sail.

I know the God that we always call opon anytime we put our hands on our chest to sing that anthem would take us to our destination.

Just as little dots of colors on a paper come together to give us the greater picture. We have a part to play in our country’s greatness.

We just have be the best of us we can be and Ghana would be the best it can be.
Let’s stand proud not because we were born here.
But let’s stand proud because we are helping build this nation.

Let's grow ourselves and bear fruit in any field we find ourselves

To that musician, be the best you can be. Teach this country Harmony. Let the world hear our sounds

To that doctor, that nurse, die for your country as you give life to it.
To that athlete, break yourself apart just to bring the country together.

To that teacher, go as low as you can to pull that student who would in time be Ghana’s right hand 
To that leader, build that Ghanaian identity in the people you lead, so that even if they wander, they would never get lost.

To that student, remember your mind is your strength. Be mindful of what geos in there and never keep it empty 
To that builder, brick by brick build that master piece, that edifice. Leave the world in awe as they stare at your country

To that artist, bring our colors together and with soft bristles paint us, so we don’t forget who we are.
And to that Poet, that speaker, that journalist, never stop weaving truth together 
Never stop preaching who we are
Never stop creating art

Be the best you, you can be and Ghana would be the best country it can be.

Thank you for all you've done so far. But there's still alot more to do.

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