A Cure to your Melancholy

Finals are approaching and thus, a high amount of stress has arrived for Pace students. Mortola Library is attempting to help those who are going through the melancholy blues with Stress Relief Week. The goal of course is to reduce the stress level of students with engaging events.

On Monday, Mortola Library held a “Toast-mageddon,” where students could receive free toast on the first floor. On Tuesday, there was a “color and chill” activity where students colored in coloring books to calm down and take a break from studying. On Wednesday, there will be Zen Gardening and students can craft decorations for their desks.

Perhaps, the best event for Stress Relief Week are the therapy dogs, which is very popular among college students. The dogs will be making stops not only in the Mortola Library, but also in the Kessel Multipurpose Room. The dogs will be around on Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Other activities throughout the week are clay creations and puzzles, which will take take place on Thursday. Stress Relief Week will close with the Mortola Library Game Night on Friday.

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