Introducing a desktop version of CERAMO ONE, the Ceramo Zero Max

Application: home & office friendly
Automated: Yes
Build speed: 4 layers per minute
Build size: 150 х 150 х 150 (mm)
Material options: High-performance composite
Layer thickness: 0,1 (mm)
Resolution: 300 dpi per layer
Number of printheads: 1
Number of jets: 128
File format for printing: stl
Equipment dimensions: 643 x 550 x 500 (mm)
Equipment weight: 60 kilos
Power requirements: 100–240V, 500W
Network connectivity: TCP/IP
Workstation compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7–10
Regulatory compliance: CE, CSA

This user-friendly piece of technology is perfect for you if you need to print prototypes on a daily basis. With this printer, you’re not limited to a traditional manufacturing process of ceramic objects. You save lots of time and can quickly tweak your designs.

With your purchase you get a basic kit of tools. You can also get some additional equipment: a kiln and a de-dust chamber.

You are free to use not only Kwambio’s ceramic powders but also glass-based powders. Those ones do not require firing so the manufacturing process from A to Z takes the shortest time possible. It is THE way to do prototyping.

The printer will cost only $5,000. Pre-orders will open soon. Let us know if you’re interested and stay tuned!