Dether’s Alpha: Dether’s real gem

Dether is exclusively a mobile application whereby you manage money digitally through smartphones. It is user-friendly app. It allows users to buy and sell ether using cash, and spend it at physical stores on the Dether map.

Dether’s aims to build a global environment whereby ether sellers, buyers and physical stores are agreeable to exchange ether for fiat cash and accept it as a mode of payment. Dether put its best foot forward to make people accept the Ethereum technology in their everyday lives.

By what is exactly Dether’s Alpha?

Dether’s Alpha is a progressive web application (PWA). It works on the Ethereum Kovan testnet. It is therefore important to not send any ether to your Dether wallet. Here is a simple guideline from setting up your wallet to your first transaction. First of all, create a Dether wallet, save your backup phrase, set up a password then select an avatar. Your private key is encoded and stored on your device.

In addition, put some fund in your Dether wallet in case you want to be an ether seller and show up on the Dether map. Dether’s alpha is funded via the “Get Kovan” faucet button on the Dashboard, thereby facilitating the registration as a seller on the map. Then, you may discover sellers in your surrounding through the Dether map.

After exploring potential sellers, you can chat incognito and securely through Telegram and fix an appointment for your transaction. The unique feature of Dether’s alpha is that only Ethereum smart contracts is used. There is no backend system. The users’ fund are not at all held by any main entity. Private keys are encoded and locally stored in the consumer’s wallet. Ethereum smart contracts protects your favorable transaction, thereby boosting your reputation. In Dether’s alpha, Kovan test ethers are exchanged and not real ether.