Afternoon clocks out as early evening

Punches in and starts her shift

Long before the daylights leaving

Bunches of us call it quits

Blessed am I to be in this bunching

Early birds see the sunrise

For after my clocks had its punching

All that’s left to do is surmise

“Are those birds chirping in gladness?”

I can guess, but I’ll not know

“Will this peaceful sun cure madness

Deep within the dark below?”

I return from my conjecture

For a moment’s silent stare

Here are a self-reflective lecture

Echoing “purpose, prepare”

In those two I find my center

Of my being, of my need

Repetition as the mentor

Guiding me to where I’ll be

Where it’s not for this chance given

To see and feel the Suns descent

I would lack this trance I’m living

Limiting my betterment

Sit here staring, purpose preparing

Me for something that feels major

Knowing peace, at least in moments

Fixated with in my nature

Fixated with in my nature

Fixated with in me


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