Night and Day(Part I and Part II)

Part I: Sun Gone Along the Horizon

When it sets in the changes don’t matter

Before it begins, the light covers and splatters

Brightening, enlivening and giving us depth

Once it has gone away, darkness has crept

Slowly the changes begin to set place

Nothing where once was all what I embraced

She’s settled beyond before, I must accept

“The Sun gone along the horizon”, I’ve wept

Her touch kept me warm it seems not long ago

Now as I watch Her move on I feel cold

Across my perception the brightness has lessened

And moved on beyond to be some others blessing

I beg that they see you for all that you hold

Now as I watch You move on I feel cold

This time of the day that I bid you goodbye

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s warm rise and shine

Part II: A World Once So Dark

The light returns to a world once so dark

Uncover this world again in need of a spark

Blankets illuminate pockets of life

Comforting the fearful, this returning light.

Cold feelings swept away; warm and at ease.

Unfrozen now I move guided by breeze.

Waves of the natural comfort me so.

Opens the blinds to my inner window.

New day is dawning, it’s time now to rise.

Fresh air drawn yawning reopens these eyes.

Refreshed I awaken and begin to embark:

The light now returns to a world once so dark.

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