Buy or sell a service via the Kwork Exchange.

Get a chance to win an iPhone XR or one of 100 cash prizes!

Step 1

Create or receive an order worth at least $20 on the Exchange in the period from November 29 to December 17.

Step 2

Successfully complete the order from Step 1 by December 24.

Get one draw number for each eligible order. Wait for the prize draw!


The prizes will be drawn using a random number generator on December 25. The results will be announced in the Kwork blog.

Rules and Conditions

  1. To take part in the campaign:

2. Campaign terms

  • create at least one order worth at least $20 on the Exchange in the period from November 29 to December 17. For a buyer, it means to choose one of the sellers for his/her job on Exchange and make a payment for an order. As for a seller, it means that a buyer has chosen him/her for the work and have made a payment for an order;
  • the order should be completed between November 29 and December 24.

3. For every eligible campaign, the buyer and the seller each receive one draw number. There is no limit on the quantity of draw numbers. The list of all draw numbers will be displayed on the campaign page.

4. The prizes will be drawn using, with the winners picked randomly among all draw numbers. The prizes will be awarded according to the final list of winning draw numbers:

  • the first user in the list gets the grand prize;
  • the next 5 users — list numbers 2 to 6 — get $75 each;
  • the next 10 users get $30 each;
  • the next 85 users get $15 each.

6. Cash prizes will be added to the users’ Kwork balances within 3 business days after the results are announced. The money can be spent on the platform or withdrawn as usual. The shipment of the grand prize will be individually coordinated with the winner.

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