Inner-City Scholarship Fund Provides Students a Quality Education

Kyle Cruz is a senior managing director of Centerbridge Partners, a private investment firm in New York City. A supporter of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund, Kyle Cruz has been involved in the work of the charity for more than seven years through his sponsorship of a young student in the Bronx.

The Inner-City Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to help children in need attend private Catholic schools. Any student who wants a quality education at one of the schools can apply for a scholarship, regardless of religious affiliation.

More than half of the inner-city Catholic school students live in single-parent households, and almost 70 percent of the Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island students live in households with incomes at or below the poverty line established by the federal government. In spite of many hurdles, the students thrive and excel with a graduation rate of 99 percent and college attendance rate of 98 percent.

The Inner-City Scholarship Fund allows students to move beyond the barriers of poverty and build a strong educational foundation. Donations to the fund help pay the tuition and education expenses of more than 7,000 students annually.

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