White supremacists attempting to recruit on college campuses; fliers found in Lynchburg

In an already divided world, groups are attempting to add fuel to the fire. One article in particular talked about the events happening in Lynchburg, Virginia. College campuses tend to be accepting and welcoming to new ideas. These groups seem to be targeting students because they appear to be easily influenced. Currently, police are looking into the matter and hopefully things will be sorted out soon.

Seven Lynchburg City schools reach full accreditation

Education is seen as a controversial issue. There is disagreement of how students should be taught. WSET was proud to report that seven city schools in the Lynchburg area have reached full accreditation. Children are the future, and we can all be happy when we see that students are being taught well. In a place where children spend a majority of their day, it is so crucial that they are being taught well.

Northern Lights in Virginia?

A rare sight was seen in Lynchburg Virginia on a late Thursday night. One article reported that a magnetic storm in Lynchburg caused the Northern Lights to be visible. It is so beautiful and rare to see these lights. These events do not come around very often.

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