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Update 1/26/2020: MITRE assigned CVE-2020–7984 for this vulnerability.

Update 12:55pm 1/24/2020: SolarWinds has released two hotfixes for the vulnerabilities! You can find these fixes on their support website. According to the documentation these hotfixes disable N-central’s device auto-import feature temporarily. A future release will re-enable the feature.

• 12.1 SP1 HF5:
• 12.2 SP1 HF2:

Update 10:58am 1/24/2020: SolarWinds has published some mitigation instructions to expunge the credentials from the N-central service. This should clear the passwords that attackers are able to extract using the Dumpster Diver vulnerability. …

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We’ve updated each section with additional information we gained from discussions with Bishop Fox and with the ConnectWise Control team. Additionally ConnectWise released a summary matrix of the analyses and their own response.

In computer security, responsible disclosure is a vulnerability disclosure model in which an issue is publicly disclosed only after a period of time that allows for the affected party to patch/resolve the problem in a reasonable amount of time. …

This week we had the opportunity to help an MSP partner contain and remediate an Emotet/TrickBot infection that impacted a client with 50+ computers and servers. Considering how quickly TrickBot reinfects systems and drops ransomware, this was the perfect opportunity to kick the tires on our new Assisted Remediation beta feature — which was designed to combat this exact scenario. Keep reading for a play-by-play of how this incident unfolded.

Introducing the Situation

Network Titan’s day started out with a bang when Huntress detected TrickBot on 23 of 55 systems within one of their clients’ networks. This created a separate incident report for each host containing remediation details. Don’t get us wrong, our remediation steps are easy to follow. …


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Ethical Hacker. Malware Connoisseur. CEO at @HuntressLabs.

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