19 November, 2016: Fake News versus Truth. Globalism versus the Constitution.

19 November, 2016: Fake News versus Truth. Globalism versus the Constitution.

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Story 1: Fake News versus Truth. Globalism versus the Constitution. Now that the Globalists who support the One World Government of the New World Order suffered a set-back during the Election, they are trying to shut down independent news sites. The Globalists not only suffered a set-back at the Polling Places on Election Day, but some of their supporters have said that TPP (NAFTA Junior) will not go forward. These Globalists are saying that if you do not agree with them, then your “news” is “fake” and not real. Personally, I have found that the news on the independent news sites is more real than on the Mainstream News Media sites and newspapers. This is just a strong armed approach by the Globalists to censor the real news.

Story 2: Paying $800,000 per shell is very disturbing. Here we again see the Disease of Greed in action, as the Military leaders, Defense Contractors and the Democrats and Republicans showed greed instead of Project Management and Patriotism.


Story 3: This is the same as story number 2 above; this time it deals with a plane that does not work, and costs way too much.


Story 4: High levels of toxins, in this case Glyphostae, in our everyday food. Disease of Greed again. And you wonder why you are feeling sick much of the time?


Story 5: This is why people do not trust and loathe the Federal Government in some cases. In just one day, the Federal Government announced 527 pages of “new” Federal Regulations. From my life, I see this as coming from the Democrats and Republicans paying back their donors. Often, these new Federal Regulations just help those in power keep “new companies” and people with new ideas from being able to challenge the power and perpetual profits of the 1%.


Story 6: China seems to be becoming the chief puppet of the Globalists of the One World Government of the New World Order. The article below shows how the Chinese are trying to remove Freedom of Speech from the Internet.


Story 7: The Student Loan Scam. The Democrats and Republicans, to pay back their political donors, have created a legal ponzi scheme via Student Loan debt. Today, 41 million American Citizens owe more than $1.4 Trillion; 8.1 million are in default. When I ran in 2016 for President, I proposed wiping out all Student Debt.


Story 8: Oil spill showing her ugly head in the sea animals. We eat this food.


Story 9: Do you use an Android Phone? The story below is about how China has built into the Android phones, a backdoor “firmware” that sends your data back to the country that manufactured it: China. This is a major National Security concern as government employees use these “made in China” products. This is way when I ran for President. I proposed making phones and other important Electronics here in the United States. If they are “hacking” our phones, then all Electronics are subject to concerns of hacking. Just look up “China Russia tea kettle.”


Story 10: Globalists plan new “vaccines through the air.”


I’ll be back next week with more stories that you need to know about.

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