The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

One of the reasons I am running for President of The United States is to bring back sanity to Washington. Everything is for sale. When I served as an American Diplomat posted overseas in the Philippines during my service in The United States Peace Corps, I saw so much of our Foreign Policy sold to the highest bidder. The same when I served The United States Army (Semper Ra); we now have a National Defense Policy based on Defense Contractor Contributions and not sound Military Tactics. James Allworth brings up and highlights challenges we face while living during WWT (World War Terrorism). While posted in the Philippines, Jihadists and Communists Rebels that were funded by Iran and Libya, set off a bomb in the building that was next to where my pregnant wife and I were posted. We lost our child that night. May we find a path to preserve our Constitution, and our freedoms while protecting our Civil Liberties and safety; they both go together. Praise Ye The Lord, Kyle.

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