What the fuck do you mean, old white man?
Son of Baldwin

“ Black people have loved white people, shamefully, more than white people have loved themselves” Yet white people have given black people a greater chance at attending college than themselves, poured millions into inner city schools to help minorities, forced companies that do business with the federal government to preferentially work with minority owned businesses, gave away free or heavily subsidized housing, and provided billions in grants, fellowships, institutions…etc to benefit minorities and particularly blacks. Yet how are whites treated when they venture into a black neighborhood, are spotted at a BLM protest (i.e. riot), or apply to a company owned by black people? The US justice system is just about as fair as it can be towards blacks. The police shoot blacks at the same rate as people of any other race, which is what the data actually shows. There are housing and employment discrimination laws in place and lawyers who will line up to defend you. At some point, a black supremacist and racist like yourself has to accept personal responsibility, as Conservatives have been preaching for generations. Otherwise you’ll never do better, no matter how many advantages you’re given. And I have full confidence that black people living in this country can improve if they so choose, since they’re every bit as intelligent, capable…etc as anyone else.

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