How I Converted A Driveway Gate Into A Smart Gate Using A Raspberry Pi

  1. Using a remote button (within range), similar to a garage door opener.
  2. Driving a (heavy) vehicle in front of the gate on the house side, which will trigger a pressure cable and open the gate for sixty seconds.
  3. Using the street side intercom to enter the master pin.
  4. As a visitor, pressing the illuminated button on the street side intercom will make the landline phones ring, which can then be answered by the homeowner. The homeowner can then enter one of three commands:
  • 1 — Open the gate for 60 seconds
  • 2 — Open the gate indefinitely
  • 3 — Close the gate
A DoorKing intercom system for ‘street side’ use
This is listed on DoorKing’s website as a feature of the 1812 Access Plus
  • 1: Open the gate for 60 seconds
  • 2: Open the gate indefinitely
  • 3: Close the gate
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