Week 2 — Analyse Requirements

Development Methodologies

I have decided to go with the Waterfall methodology as I believe with the way this course is structured it is the best approach, as each phase of the project must be fully completed before moving onto the next stage. Like the sequence bellow when beginning and completing a project in a set time frame.

1. Gather and document requirements

2. Design

3. Code and unit test

4. Perform system testing

5. Perform user acceptance testing (UAT)

6. Fix any issues

7. Deliver the finished product

Gantt Chart

I created my Gantt chart on Teamweek as it is easy to ready and user friendly

Note: The screen shot only shows half of the total chart.


After doing some research of other Photography/Portfolio websites for weddings and others in the same profession. I picked three websites that represent the same design I am considering, Hero images to grab the users attention and galleries and slideshows.

Epic Photography (Melbourne)


Christina Marie Photography


Nickoken (Card layouts)