Glendale, the Suburb I Call Home

Growing up in the same city I was born in is all I’ve ever known. Which is why Glendale, CA will always feel like home to me. Located in the San Fernando Valley between Burbank and Pasadena, CA Glendale is a suburban neighborhood with a population of 196,543.

Reflecting back, I can remember being a little girl and attending the same church in Glendale for over a decade now. I also grew up attending all the public schools in my area, from primary, to secondary school to community college. The communities I am a part of today within my own community include being a student, part of my local church, a fitness member of my local gym and mainly a Glendale resident.

However, over the last year or two, I have noticed a shift in my community, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One being that many small businesses have closed down within the community, due to financial reasons. Which is a concern because many small businesses make up Glendale. I’ve grown up going to the same little mini market down a few blocks from where I live, my entire life. I can’t help but imagine how many other small businesses have been affected by the pandemic and have had no choice but to close down permanently.

Shifting gears, I personally would love to know more about the history tied to my community in Glendale. More specifically about Glendale’s era in the 1950’s and where Glendale’s main source of news originated from. As I think this is such an important part of history that really allows us to understand not only the evolution of news, but as it relates to Glendale’s dynamic history.

I personally get my news from the Glendale Twitter account, as I find it is most convenient and updated for me to access. As for other people in my community, I would assume that they access their news mostly online. As Glendale does not currently have a specific newspaper print delivery service.

As for a better news representation of people within my community, I would say they could be better represented by first addressing the lower and middle class community in particular. I would also say as it relates to better news coverage, that journalists should aim to interview the people that allow Glendale to thrive, such as small business owners and highlight how the pandemic has affected their businesses. I would also say journalists should aim to interview the teachers in the surrounding school areas along with the first responders who are putting their life on the line every day since the start of the pandemic, as I feel these people are the pillars of Glendale’s community.



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Kylie Shannon

Kylie Shannon

Hello! I am a current California State University, Northridge student focusing on Public Relations, Journalism and Entertainment Media Management. Welcome!