My First #AdWeekChat

Four days ago I had the pleasure to participate in a live twitter chat hosted by AdWeek. The #AdWeekChat is put n my AdWeek every Wednesday at 2 p.m ET. The topic for this week’s chat was breaking up with a client. (Fitting for the day after Valentine’s Day)

As this was my first twitter chat that I have ever participated in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure how it would look on my Twitter feed to outsiders who weren’t participating, or how to keep up with everyone’s tweets as the chat commenced. To be honest, I was slightly nervous.

However, the chat was very refreshing and it was nice to hear other advertising professionals’ take on the topics at hand. Being the creative people we are, we filled the chat with lots of comical memes. I had no experience on the subject matter at hand, but I took lots of notes for the future.

Some key (and iconic) tweets from the chat included:

· “Once, a client wanted team to pull a third all-nighter in a row. They said they would sue if we did not stay. I sent the team home and told the client they could sue us at 9am the next morning.” — @oscartrelles

· “Early signs are unwillingness to agree or stick to a written, signed statement of work. Scope creep is no good.” — @mattsingley on when to call it quits.

· “When you’d rather deliver a flaming bag of dog poop instead of the latest round of banner ads, its probably toxic.” — @arrrzzz

· “Both professional and romantic relationships should not be ended via text, snapchat, twitter…” — @NicoleSagullo

· “Before accepting new clients, check their Duns and Bradstreet report. You’ll never regret that.” — @oscartrelles

There was a variety of professionals involved in the chat, including some fellow Gators, and everyone had something valuable to contribute to the subject. All of these tweets were humorous and also insightful! I hope to one day be in a position to be able to make the decisions about leaving a client, but until then I have a stack full of notes from this twitter chat to keep in mind.

I don’t know why I have never participated in one of these before, but I actually cannot wait until next week to chat with fellow advertising professionals. They’re not only beneficial to myself and my future career as an advertising major, but chatting with creative advertisers always makes for a fun, comical conversation.