What is Kevin Cramer doing?

For the fourth time in as many months, Kevin Cramer has stepped out onto the national stage only to bring shame and embarrassment to our state. Yesterday, after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had already apologized for stating that not even someone as despicable as Hitler used chemical weapons on his own people, Kevin Cramer was on the radio to say that Spicer’s comments were not without some validity.

We are just four months into 2017 and Kevin Cramer has spent more time in the news because of his offensive comments than for the work he is doing for North Dakota.

Cramer has been supportive of Trump’s budget which proposes devastating cuts to North Dakota. Recently, regarding Trump’s budget, our friend Ryan Taylor said, “as all of us who know the value of our rural areas, [we] need to come together with a collective voice, stick up for our communities and stand up against this budget.”

A White House budget that takes one of its biggest axes to agriculture, a 21 percent whack or $4.7 billion, may show Manhattan penthouse priorities and the values of the Washington ‘Heritage Foundation’ ideologues who have had agriculture in their crosshairs for a long time, but it doesn’t match up with the hard working community-minded folks I know, the true heritage of North Dakota. ~ Ryan Taylor

Even Senator Hoeven thinks Trump’s budget shows the wrong priorities for North Dakota.

Cramer isn’t in the news for his work on the renewal of the Farm Bill. In fact he has a history of voting against North Dakota’s farmers.

He was recently in the news for his support of eliminating the Essential Air Service program, a program that North Dakotans depend on. The EAS provides needed support to local airports, helping rural economies grow and supporting jobs in rural areas. Kevin Cramer supports Donald Trump’s efforts to get rid of the entire program.

I could go on and on about what Kevin Cramer is and isn’t working on. But here’s the main point. Kevin Cramer is more focused on The Liberal Media Bias, defending Trump administration staffers, and offending Democratic women members of Congress than he is on fighting for what North Dakota needs most.

Cramer should be working for the people who elected him, for the state of North Dakota, and not for whatever special interest is willing to buy his vote.

We need to remind him that meeting with and actually listening to his constituents is more important than going on the radio and calling North Dakotans victims for standing up for what they believe in.

We need to demand that Kevin Cramer apologizes for taking advantage of the voters of North Dakota when he’s not too busy sticking his foot in his mouth and making national news by embarrassing himself and the state that we love.

Kevin Cramer may well be at the top of the GOP ticket in 2018. If he is, we won’t let him forget what he’s done.

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