How Twitter cures my boredom

Well, most of the time anyways.

I get bored a decent number of times per day. Normally I just wander around my room a bit and always end by laying down on my bed and checking my phone. New app updates, someone posted a new picture on Instagram or my Reddit post got some attention.

But there is always one thing I check last and spend the most time on: checking the Twitter app. No mattter how often I check it (even if I close and reopen the app 10 seconds later) there is something new on my timeline. Te ~250 people I follow always seem to have something new to post, and it makes me curious enough to read. I can only imagine how it’s like following way more people than I do.

272 people are the source of my timeline-feeding process.

Now, no matter what’s on my timeline, it coud be tweets, retweets or even sponsored content, I get enriched by at least one topic that interests me. And ssaid content changes almost daily. A good example was the start of the catalán independance news. I actually started knowing about it via Twitter, got up and looked up more about it. All because I was bored and started checking the Twitter app.

There’s a ton of different topics I do get notified about but some days I just can’t find anything that interests me while I scroll through my timeline. But as the few minutes since I started have already passed, there’s already more. The handy “scroll al the way back to the top and show new tweets” button the app (iOS atleast) has, shows me at least one or two new tweets. I essentially never run out of tweets until I find something that interests me this way.

All of this made me realize why people say that teenagers list Twitter as one of their top news scources. At least for me anyway. The more I scroll through Twitter I consume more news than watching the german staple news show “Tagesschau”.

Twitter not only cures my daily boredom but also does it in a good way.
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