Veganuary — Day 10

Breakfast psychology.

Cereal and oatmilk for breakfast. Same old. The funny thing is, I’m actually eating breakfast, and what’s more, before I leave the house. This is unusual for me by most accounts. If anything I’d eat a banana, when I got to my desk. Or liquid breakfast all the way.

I think, psychologically, I know lunch is a struggle, so I am making myself eat cereal with oatmilk.

A mini ramble about milk.

I went to the gym in the afternoon, and afterwards I decided to work from a coffee shop, knowing I had a full loyalty card.

I asked for a soy latte and was told I had to still pay 40p for the soy milk. Now, I don’t really mind paying if it helps an independent coffee shop cover the higher costs of the produce. Plus this was the nicest soy latte I’ve had yet. (Then again, what if I bought 12 higher priced soy lattes and then they won’t even give me a free one? The points system is all wrong).

My train of thought immediately skipped to the fact that we know farmers don’t make profits on cow’s milk, yet that’s the affordable option, even in responsible independent coffee shops, who (I imagine) buy good quality milk.

The cost of milk should be higher, but people in the UK don’t want to pay it. So we’re in a shitty situation for all involved (that’s the cows and their farmers). If the cost reflected production more, then would people still drink cows milk all the time? Would they maybe try a soy latte? Would I get my 40 pence back? Who knows.

Terrible photograph in every way possible.

As an aside to this milk rant — I just typed soy milk into Google and the first suggested search was “soy milk estrogen”. This piqued my interest, and I thought, yeah I have been feeling a bit bloaty and my boobs are kinda sore, so I had a look around. Here’s some articles I found:

Seems to be a lot of conflicting advice, but from what I can tell, no proven danger signs. I am way too tired to digest all of this right now so I just wanted to jot this down as a reminder to read up on it.


I had a Tesco falafel wrap meal deal again. Not even ashamed. When I left the coffee place I was ravenous, and the nearest shop was Sainsburys which I’ve already discovered is useless unless you want soup. I was satisfied with the wrap, but really wanted some cheese at the time of purchase.


Now then, for dinner was my first veganuary curry. This is a recipe that my better at cooking than me boyfriend always makes. Except this time we couldn’t have paneer. GUTTED. I really bloody love paneer, did I mention that?

We had everything else the same, it’s a tomato based curry, with lots of garam masala and cumin, chick peas and fried spring greens on the side with some chilli and garlic. We replaced paneer with squash.

The squash provided a nice sweetness, but oh my days what would I have done for some paneer in there.

The naan bread was from our local Asian supermarket, Pak Foods and to my surprise was vegan. I thought I was going to have to have roti instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I love roti, but since we went to India last March, no roti will ever be the same as the incredible home cooked roti I was fed.

Vegan curry, with Squash, Chickpeas, Spring Greens fried in chilli and garlic, Rice and Naan

I sleep now.