The listed acts were mistakes(or wrongs) the Russian government committed.
Russell Munroe

I agree that some where outright mistakes due to bad luck and/or poor handling.

I shall let the American heroic standing go. In regards to my country, Australia.

I have been to the aboriginal communities and have witnessed how poorly they are treated through a ‘benevolent’ apartheid. I have experienced the attempts at dealing with distant communities only to be denied and blocked by regulation and very active government bodies which in the end furthers the plight and humiliation of so many individuals simply because of who they were born.

I have seen footage and spoken to ex service people who have been on deployment where they trained and armed Indonesian kill squads. In the full knowledge that they would murder and assassinate Papuans and Timorese.

I have spoken with fomer service personnel who in deployment to Afghanistan provided protection and training for blatant child rapists and killers who the Taliban sought fortrial and no doubt execution. But seeing as ‘we’ are at war with the Taliban these individuals were suddenly friends and gained immunity to continue to rape children in front of Australian service members.

I train navy members whose sole task is to intercept foreign vessels heading from Asia to the East African coast. The vessels are pillaged, the owners are fined and what is confiscated is either sunk or ‘disappeared’. Whether malicious or not. Often medical supplies and foodstuffs are deemed as contraband. In one instance a weapons cache that was intercepted by an Australian naval vessel was collected by the US Navy and several months later some of the serial numbers that were recorded turned up in Iraq in the hands of ‘ISIS” fighters.

A collection of minor anecdotes that dispel the mistake and good guy narrative. War is putrid and vile and never ends up with a righteous supremacy. It simply ends with a status of the victor weighing up their own virtues against the vanquished’s immorality.

Yes things are often ‘free’ here in the West, does this then validate the ills performed in the name or for the abstract concept of specific governance or ideals? Does this grant one nation the context to murder because they have a piece of hemp that has pretty promises on it? Or because people like you and I can openly have this conversation? What good is dissent and discourse if in the end war and murder continue in both of our names. We may as well have suppression and all out censorship all the good that such freedom does when it comes to stopping the murder of so many innocents.

So while Russia, Nth Korea and China are vile and horrible regimes to their people. The torture, prison state conditions and censorship are disgusting and vicious. Does this some how divert or deflect from the fact that millions have died beneath bombs alone, China and Korea in 1950s, to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia during 60s and 70s, to Panama in late 80s onto the Mid East and Africa through 90s onward by the US. Does the relative freedoms experienced by those inside the USA some how make such mass bombings of foreign persons OK?

I agree absolutely with you re Russia. But I am not interested in goodie vs baddie only observing the malicious conduct of all murdering regimes-factions regardless of their self perceived virtues.