The point is acting like the US is the only nation to have made mistakes, or have had ulterior…
Russell Munroe

So you are saying that the above listed Russian atrocities were mistakes?

I would say all of the above mentioned and more were intentional and malicious, nothing mistaken about any of them. US, Russian, etc or not.

And with this openness, this ability to KNOW and CONVERSE about such atrocities…how has this stopped them from reoccurring?

The ability to know and discuss the Congo genocides by the Belgians, the US massacres in Philippines, the German brutality in Namibia, the Turkish genocide of Armenians onto the post War period of mass bombings of civilians in Korea to Sth East Asia, supporting murderous regimes in Indonesia etc…up to the recent conflicts and occupations in Mid East-Central Asia.
Has any of it stopped or desisted despite our ability to know?

What does that say about me as an Australian and you…an American? That no matter we knowing and discussing it is still done in our name and with our tax.

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