THE BEAT — Vol.7

As the world keeps moving faster and faster, it’s interesting to look at how communication habits have evolved. Way back when, there was the switch from smoke signals to the pony express and messenger pigeons, followed by the railway/telegraph, the telephone, email, mobile phones and text messaging.

While smoke signals get you in trouble with the local fire department, we would love to know your current mix of phone, email and text messaging. What method of communication do you use most often and in which circumstances? Also important to us, what text messaging service do you use? WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, Snapchat, WeChat or the native iOS/Android messenger app?

If you could drop us a couple of lines that would be fantastic. Our mission is to mold and shape Kyngo into a valuable communication service, helping you connect with like-minded people while keeping the interface simple and intuitive.

The evolution of comunication


As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, we’re saying good-bye to Silicon Valley at the end of August to start the next phase of Kyngo — alpha testing in Florida. With funding secured for the next few months and a couple of rockstar App developers on board, we’ve had a successful four months in San Francisco Bay.

Since we spent our first few days in Silicon Valley at an AirBnB, we thought it was quite fitting to close our trip with a visit to the Airbnb head office in downtown San Francisco. We met up with Lenny who’s an AirBnB product manager and also an accomplished entrepreneur. His last startup “LocalMind”, although built on the back of Foursquare check-ins, had similar ambitions as Kyngo. In the end, it was acquired by AirBnB and merged into their daily operations. Needless to say, we had a very productive lunch meeting with Lenny.

As we now look forward to our alpha test in Tampa Bay and Orlando, we feel confident that the next three months will be even more successful than the previous ones. We are entering a territory that feels more natural to us than fundraising and hiring tech talent. We can finally unleash our marketing and promotion experience and leverage local contacts to gain insights into the Kyngo marketplace. We will be analyzing a lot of market research data to fine tune the Kyngo experience and we’ll share most of our data with you right here inside “The Beat”. Stick around.

With Lenny at AirBnB HQ in San Francisco


Running a Silicon Valley startup takes some serious survival skills. While building shelter, making fire and finding food and water might not sound like skills we need for a messaging App, we think it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for the next tech bubble :) Joking aside, we had a great day out with the good people from Adventure Out. If you’re in the San Francisco region, definitely go and check out their programs.

There is another analogy here though. When you watch the video you’ll see Thomas and Andreas breaking some serious sweat while attempting to make fire. Trying to get an idea off the ground can sometimes feel just like rubbing two sticks together. It’s exhausting, time consuming and you wonder why you don’t just take the easy route and use that lighter…but where would be the fun in that?!

For a product to truly ignite, it takes dedication, perseverance and the right technique. If you have the passion and execute each step to perfection, you will be rewarded with a warm place by the fire.

We’ve got one more Silicon Valley based Kyngo Show in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for it next week. After that, we’re coming to you from the Sunshine State — Florida. Watch out for new episodes from Silicon Beach :)

The Kyngo Team,
Markus, Thomas, Andreas, Mattias and John — 650.440.2390

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