Diary of a Desolate Man: The Best Medicine

I have been taking time to listen to new songs, musicians, and records a lot more lately. My favorite past time has always been performing or enjoying music and enjoying great music is truly the best cure for what ails me.

Recently I met an artist and had an opportunity to enjoy Sexy Ester’s release party at a local venue. There is truly nothing quite as intoxicating as rocking out with friends and strangers. If you have not done this lately I suggest taking time and doing so as soon as possible. When I get the chance to take in a live show I love metal and rock music best, but just go and enjoy whatever makes you feel good. Check out Sexy Ester, and if you’re local to Madison find their next gig and be there.

It is all reminding me that I am always healed best when I cauterize the wound. Numbness and passive self-abuse may be easy and comfortable, but I find so much more release in walking through the pain. Dancing like a fool just rocks too. ~ Cheers

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