Book Review: SEO for Growth

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, relates to all the digital marketing tactics that you do for your website in order for its pages to pop up on the first page of Google’s organic search results.

Since SEO is an ever-evolving and changing landscape, savvy marketers and business owners are always looking for an edge to help them improve or maintain their search engine rankings. With so much information out there regarding SEO including semantic search, web spam penalties, schema / structured data, and more, this is an industry that is reinventing itself every few months (or so it seems).

The book SEO for Growth was written by small business marketing guru John Jantsch and digital marketing agency owner Phil Singleton. Jantsch wrote the Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Duct Tape Marketing and is widely regarded as a top marketing influencer. Singleton has years of experience creating and executing SEO strategies “in the trenches” for hundreds of small businesses.

With SEO for Growth, marketers, web designers and entrepreneurs get a comprehensive guide that lays out all of the pieces for search engine optimization, and then shows you how to put it all together.

When searching for an SEO guide, there are many people who become frustrated simply because of all the hype, industry jargon and false claims some so-called marketing professionals make. SEO for Growth is a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of SEO and how it affects their business or website, because it is written in a way business people will understand.

With billions of search engine searches made daily, SEO has become unavoidable for all businesses because the Internet is where all the action is. This book “lifts the curtain” on SEO and making less scary and much more accessible for business owners.

The book itself, in paperback form, is 238 pages cover-to-cover with 16 Chapters. Some highlights of SEO for Growth include:

· Each chapter recommends a top industry expert

· The book is endorsed by over 50 top digital marketing experts

· Step-by-step instructions for effective keyword research

· Guidance on how to create a Google-friendly website

· How to create and execute a content marketing strategy

· Advice on link building; how to do it and what to avoid

· How much to pay for SEO services if you want to hire an agency

· Free access to an SEO website grader for your website

The ultimate goal the authors’ had when creating this book was to provide their readers with a strategic outlook, which supersedes the fragmented information that is often found in typical self-help blog posts. With 16 chapters of highly organized content, resources and additional support, readers will find SEO for Growth provides a comprehensive look at modern SEO strategies, their effect on marketing and how to use them to create a lead generating website.

One of the key points of this book is that a website is an investment, not a digital brochure or “cost of doing business.” If business owners don’t put time and effort into gaining visibility, nurturing growth and using the right tactics, then a website will fail to become a lead-generating asset.

For any business owner or entrepreneur that is ready to gain a competitive advantages in the search engines, SEO for Growth is sure to put you on the right path. From gaining an understanding to how “Google thinks” to leveraging your competitor’s SEO to your advantage, this book will provide you with a solid understanding of search engine optimization in one weekend.

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