EDTS240- Module 3

When have you participated in a learning experience in which Directed, guided, independent has been a flow of learning? How did it help or hinder you to learn?

A learning experience in which direct, guided and independent has been a flow of learning that I can strongly relate too would be my stages of development in education from primary school, high school to university.

When I was in primary school it was mostly all direct. My teachers would show me and ensure I understood all tasks, which meant repeating the problem several times till I finally was on track. They taught step-by-step so it was easy to keep up and they always used simple directed instructions for the class to comprehend. Then it came to high school that can be seen as direct since we are still told steps for instructions about tasks but it is seen more as guided. My high school teachers were still there for support and assistance when needed but it was more us students asking for the help needed instead of back in primary where our teachers would confirm each step with us before moving on. Finally, independence came the first day of university where I was lost and confused. Being in uni is a enormous alteration from primary to high school but it gave me no choice but to be independent and teach myself as majority of work is completed individually with not as much direction.

This basically helped me in the flow process of becoming indepentdent. Becoming independent not only allowed myself to learn individually but it also showed my strengths and weaknesses which then allowed the assistance needed in different areas.

How does Project Based Learning prepare students for the 21st Century workplace environment we researched and discussed in our first Module?

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a education technique in which students increase their knowledge and skills by investigating an issue in depth detail over a period of time (Bie.org, 2017). PBL’s objective is to ensure school’s work similarity to the work setting, involving them to enthusiastically resolve complications that students can come across in their everyday life’s. When relating crucial elements of project design, which are knowledge, challenging issues, authenticity, critique and reflection covers values in our 2st century that we need to be well aware of.

The field of teaching has changed with the use of technology being a huge part of classrooms in today’s society. Comparing from a decade ago to now has progressed into a digital process of learning that many teachers are not comfortable using in their career as having a lack of knowledge. However, with PBL will not only benefit future students and even teachers it will also give them the preparation of future technology that they’ll come across.


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