EDTS240- Module 2

What is the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals purpose?

The Melbourne declaration is a document that includes statements that set out educational goals for young Australians. This can act like a guideline to the present teachers to our future teachers in the working field of education. Individuals grow confidence through valued education and more importantly outstanding teaching. The document focuses on young Australian’s so they can improve their educational outcomes and be apart of the nations communal growth. Schools share a major responsibility with students, parents, carers, families, the community, business and other education and training providers. The two main educational goals are:

Goal 1: Australian schooling to promote equity and superiority.

Goal 2: All young Australians become:

  • Confident and creative individuals
  • Active and knowledgeable citizens
  • Successful students

Why is important for teachers to be aware of the Melbourne Declaration? Teachers have the power to develop our young Australians through the support of education. The impact of teachers joining and following the declaration guide will provide young Australians the motivation and encouragement students need through their learning experiences. With teachers being aware of the Melbourne Declaration in can result in reaching their two main goals.

Creatively characterise/describe the ‘Young Australians’ the declaration is committed to helping (draw, audio or video record your response).

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