Something About Minimalism

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. — — Antoine de saint Exupery
 With growing speed of development of society, more and more troubles and worries people are facing, while forgetting their original goals. Losing oneself among complexities is not well as simplifying things, lifting up your life to a high level in a simple way. As Socrates once said, the secret of happiness is not more discoveries or wider range, it is how to understand and enjoy the less you own that matters.
 Minimalism, is not commonly said ‘less is better’. In the field of design, minimalism is about simplicity, aim at using the least elements and decoration, to be the greatest expression effect. Generally speaking, like depicting the muscles, sometimes you use the decoration to complete the creative work, not as good as expressing that by using two or three lines.
 I think designers should all have a minimalist design approach, but not every creation you have to be minimalist. It just shows us how to use a few elements to complete a large number of expression, and consolidate the basic rules of design, show your accomplishment of design. After all different styles can express different emotions.
 In short, minimalism not only simplifies your work but also responses to the understanding of one’s design. Crazy designs always come from simple ideas. Hope you all are on the way of getting better.