Week 3: A New Watch

To begin the next phase of our development and design process, we bought 2 Moto 360 Smart Watches, which run on Android Wear’s newest platform release. This version of Android Wear has built in features that allow users to use a set of custom gestures to navigate through Card UI elements, which is the exact functionality we would like for our cooking app.

Moto 360 watch face.

Now that we have the Smart Watches, we have begun the new design and development process. A couple members of our team are focusing on creating mocks and design flows that match Android’s design guidelines (for both the watch app and the phone app).

Design of the “recipe selection” screen on the phone app.

The other members are focusing on creating the basic watch and phone applications, developing on Android Studio and testing the gesture recognition on the watch itself. We have implemented a basic slideshow of Card UI elements in a grid structure that is navigable via the Wear’s custom gestures, and next we plan on getting the “Buffalo Meatballs” recipe on the Moto 360 in a way that follows the Wear’s design guidelines.

For the rest of the quarter, we will be developing (software, designs, and recipe content) as rapidly as possible so as to have a final app that we will be able to debut and push to the Google Play Store by the end of the quarter.

Look out for our exciting development milestones to come!

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