Week 7: Can You Smell What’s Cooking?

As the quarter nears its end and the CS210 Software Fair approaches, we at Team Kyros are putting our heads down and bootstrapping to construct and deploy a cohesive, elegant, and fun cooking experience for our users. With the smartwatch Ginger experience fully functioning over a limited, static list of recipes, this past week challenged us to scope out milestones for our remaining goal: deploying a complete end-to-end cooking experience in the coming weeks. After having put our heads together and hashed out a timeline for the future, we’ve been hard-at-work on a variety of pertinent action items:

Ginger Phone Application

We’re proud of the hands-free cooking experience we’ve built for Android Wear, but we’ve kept our ear to the ground as well, and the feedback we’ve received has consistently shown that browsing through recipes on a tiny smartwatch screen is neither practical nor efficient for users. As such, we’ve shifted gears to focus much of our team resources on producing a complete, dynamic companion phone application for any Android smartphone. We’ve faced challenges in both user experience design (how, for instance, should a user’s experience of transferring a recipe from the phone to the watch play out?) as well as the technical minutiae of phone-watch communication, and we hope to continue working on this in the coming week.

Ginger Mobile App Screenshot

Ginger Tizen Application

Working with Samsung has been a valuable, fun experience these past couple of months, and, though we chose to deploy our Ginger Hands-Free Application as an Android Wear application on the Play Store, we are continuing to iterate on a version of Ginger for the Tizen store simultaneously. We hope to open-source our source code as a useful for reference point for the Tizen developer community in the future.

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

Crafting recipes for the Ginger Hands-Free watch application is a surprisingly time-intensive, manual task. Recipes must be reformatted in such a manner that steps are broken into chunk-sized pieces that easily understood on a small screen — something that, for many complex recipes, is easier said than done. Nonetheless, we’ve set ourselves a goal of deploying our application with a pre-loaded set of 20 recipes, and have begun scraping popular cooking blogs and Facebook pages for relevant content. This week, we’ve been working on adding Strawberry Cheesecake Crescent Roll, Shrimp Avocado Salad, Broccoli Pasta, Garlic Chicken Bites, and Peanut Butter Protein Balls to our menu.

Stay tuned for more action as we flesh out the remaining aspects of the end-to-end Ginger cooking experience!

Bon appétit!

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