Wrapping up Winter Quarter (and onto Korea)

As the quarter draws to a close, our team has been working to develop our beta application to the point where we can share it with the world. From building a working Tizen app to creating a video demonstration of our main use case — an end-to-end cooking experience optimized for smart watch capabilities and seamlessly integrated into the growing ecosystem of Internet-enabled kitchen appliances — we have been busy making our ideas into reality.

As we worked toward demoing our application, we refined much of our basic user flow and concept. As we worked, we also worked to define our vision statement: “Your personal sous chef.” While we are fairly happy with the progress made thus far, the design work is far from done.

Past the demo of our application, we are working on adding more to the user experience, such as more intuitive interactions with timers and better support for tutorial clips. The team has also worked hard on creating a video to demonstrate the end-to-end utility of Ginger in the real world. As we head towards our demo at the Samsung Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, we work to improve the overall experience of the app, both by refining the user experience and design, and by integrating with more SmartThings physical devices in order to demonstrate the myriad future possibilities.

In addition to refining our product itself, we have worked this week to incorporate our discoveries from our ad campaign to decide which content to prioritize within our app. As we move forward, we hope to use this data to further inform our decisions. For now, we hope to make delicious, healthy food as simple as possible.

See you next week from Seoul!

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