Banned In TrumpLand
Michael Moore

Yesterday. April 12th. trump was committed to destroying Assad’s regime in Syria. — - today he drops the largest nonnuclear bomb on Syria and NBC CNN etc. apologized for it. Saying. It was very accurate. Minimized casualties etc. — —

This is an absurd statement from House Democrats. And The White House on April 7th. That assad used chemical weapons. When there’s no reason why he would considering a) it would result in immediate action against him b) United Nations. Already destroyed all his chemical weapons. So where did they come from?

Now we have a SERIOUS PROBLEM.

If you’re going to attack the Taliban in Afghanistan. Then call it what that is. I don’t know what they’re doing. Because. It’s awfully close to Pakistan. a really terse situation. Unlike Iran. They have nuclear weapons. And the means to use them. — — and I don’t know how ISIS drove from Iraq through Iran border on the east all the way to Pakistan. — — — and yet CNN is Fake News. And Bill Maher is going to pound his fists on the table tonight and say

“we need to restore the institution. Of the mainstream media. It’s unfairly discredited. Etc “.

Besides an offensive son of a bitch Trump whom compares Assad to worse than hitler. And apologizes for hitler. Saying. “Well. At least he never used chemical nerve agents!” — - and this Splicer is now still in the position. (today) NBC Politics is asking him if Trump is supporting the Capitols in The NHL PLAYOFFS.. He should be fired yesterday. By the way. US Holocaust Museum. Thats one strike that belongs in the archive by yesterday. But today? Now Isis is in AFGHANISTAN? How did they get there. — - must have drove their Toyota trucks over Iranian alborz mountain range from the east in Iraq?

WHY IS HAMID KARZAI screaming this most brutal misuse of our country for testing new nuclear weapons.

He literally is screaming that. And I know the doomsday bomb he dropped on him today.

I don’t understand why though. And no one seems to care. PakistanToursGuide.PK ? You still alive or did you blow up today?

And why is Chris Anderson laughing. And others think this is funny. Or something. This is seriously a problem. — — we have a nuclear president

He’s dropping small payload nukes without anyone questioning it! Help!!!!!!

Do you know who created these weapons Michael Moore ? Obama did. He said

“These will be great. They’ll be like a real nuke but a president will be able to use them without any problems. Bc the payload is significantly smaller than our smallest icbm’s”

And it cost American tax payers 1$ trillion dollars.

It’s a small payload nuclear bomb Trump dropped today. We need help BBC Media Action. — - what the fuck?

And do you know who created this weapons? IT WAS OBAMA. — — for $1 trillion dollars of us taxpayer money to build this with Bernie Sanders. You coward. Where are you? Cause I know Kucinich would be philibustering non stop. And Ron Wyden. You fuvking coward!

We need to observe the left wing Bill Maher. And the mainstream punditry of the supposed liberal media — — The New York Times David Sanger and Nancy Pelosi. And House Democrats. And say

“You really think this benefits the American people in any way?”
I need to know what’s going on. Because where did Asssad get Chemical weapons from when United Nations. Already destroyed them? And why is Trump dropping nearly nuclear PAYOFFS at Pakistan News ? Where they have nukes. The Indian Economist ?
Wheres the Iraqi guy who threw the shoe at Bush ? We need you now throw more than just a shoe at this orange psychopath. And we need a monument in dc for Snowden. Bc now we know the truth. Theres an internal coup. Enemiess of the state are playing games on the american people. Its not funny. Its literally absurd. I feel like we’re on the precipice of the end of days. And honestly? He’s still better than Hillary Clinton. And Nancy Pelosi. Is prancing around giddy like a school girl. Over the apocalypse you just advanced.

what happened?

We had a coup in the United States. The people of America are now prisoners of an illegitimate government of stooges that overthrew everything from the media to the congress. They have intent on starting a nuclear world war. And you will be victims of a nuclear holocaust just the same as us. Trump is the mountain nuclear fallout centrr in dc. Continuity of govt is gone. And we need assistance from our allies. Wherever they are. Australia. Are you listening? The American government has been overthrown. And we need assistance asap. Please send heavy artillery and air support to Mexico. Bc we have a serious problem. Dear The Paris Review. And The Times of London. Tell your government about the situation. We have been overthrown by an aggressive internal coup. And we need. Your support and send aircraft carriers to Bethesda. We have a problem. Send your warships and navy. We need help. We need German special forces to parachute into Alexandria VA. And amphibious special forces to cross the Potomac. Because we have a problem. And. It’s serious

All of a sudden pressure from the left comes heavy onto to Trump via the media. And the Red baiting Trump. Over something uncorrelated to the election outcome. A story about the dnc. Being hacked by Russia. — - I’m sure they want to do intelligence work (recon) just like the USA wants to do on them. — is it an evil ploy? I don’t see any legitimate correlation between collecting intelligence by Russia’s version of the NSA. — — and the outcome of the USA elections. — - unless hard evidence can be submitted that it was an exploited malware hack in the actual voting machines during the election. Which has not been provided. And how dare anyone allow a voting machine in USA to be exploited through malware in the backdoor?

BLOWBACK — - the new war

And I have to point the finger of blame at The Democrats here. Whom along with the neoconservative base of the GOP went on a witch hunt persecution of trump and Russian relations. Which now is AN ALL TIME LOW !!!!

CUI BONO, Hillary Clinton ?

Everyone on both sides outside the fringe left of the Mainstream media punditry was happy with the cooperation of US AND RUSSIA to make an honorable end to these crippling wars — — we all said that it was fantastic. The best outcome of the Trump White House. Maybe it was not our party or values. But deeply BIPARTISAN — - its all of our best interests to make an honorable resolution to the end of Hillary Clinton. And BUSH’s wars! — — no one wants it.

Except GITTY as a schoolgirl Nancy Pelosi. Dancing around in joyous glee over the USA returning into the endless sandpit of death in Syria.

That’s what is in our best interests Bill Maher ?

1 hour later. They changed the caption on the screen. Saying it was AFGHANISTAN. anyway. It was aimed at Isis. — - does this guy even know who he is in a war with or why? Did you know ISIS isn’t in Afghanistan? Thats the Taliban. Or as I like to call them. — —

the FREEDOM FIGHTERS AGAINST THE RUSSIANS in the 1980s. Which is unfortunately a nuanced situation. In which we observe a POWER VACUUM that exists in a country that is abandoned by the USA. Then only to be filled by Saudi Arabia after we leave with The mujahideen to run things after USSR leaves Afghanistan. — - which is important. No?

The people are so inundated with DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS that are waged by very powerful interests inside and out of the beltway. But we have to look at this. Bin laden didnt appear out of thin air. And 9/11. Is soooo important to investigate. — — bin laden attempts hitting abqaiq. He hits uss cole. And Kenya embassy. But there’s a whole cat and mouse game played with FBI and CIA (and very few people in those organizations) that catch and release these guys. And to assert that 9/11 could’ve easily been prevented with known intelligence is a delegitimizing force that’s burden of is on the actual institutions themselves. And they have not met the burden of proof on their own legitimacy. Take a look at the situation after 9/11. Its been absurd. But it’s not a new thing. But its on steroids after 9/11 and gets worse.
And I rarely watch these mainstream news tv stations. But I’m on holiday. And I’m watching the war unfolding before our eyes. On an invisible enemy — - so. I’m looking at CNN and MSNBC and Fox News is the most legitimate one here ironically enough.
And you take a look WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORPS. — one reporter asks splicer. “Is Russia the new axis of evil? And is trump routing for the Capitals in the NHL playoffs?” And. He sort of just takes those two questions as one question. And splicer says. “trump isn’t following the NHL playoffs at the moment. That’s all I have to say.”

But what happened in Afghanistan ? And since when has ISIS ever been in Afghanistan?

As a juxtaposition to all this noise Bill Maher is going to go live on HBO PR and basically tell everyone that’s its imperative to restore the credibility of the mainstream media etc.

And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I truly question the narrative that David Sanger outlines. Ok. So. Lets assume DNC was hacked by Russia — - so? Whats the context of the significance of it? We already have all of the legitimate documentation of the un-credible sources including Hillary Clinton — and Podesta who we don’t consider a real credible guy. And we have emails from wikileaks. Which has no affiliation to Russian government which only suggests — - absolutely nothing relevant whatsoever

Unless hard evidence is provided about the MALWARE EXPLOITS inside of Diebold voting machines. Then. It’s just irrelevant. The dnc may very well have been hacked by Russia. But so what? Russia didn’t vote in this election.

In fact, only 49% of registered voters came out to vote this year. Democrats had the lowest turnout in history. And it’s not because of Russia. Yet. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz could argue it was when we know all about her AMBIGUITY and complicity in rigging the primary starting with Lessig. And ending with Bernie Sanders.

But. All jokes aside. When did Russia become the axis of evil? I don’t see them doing anything other than trying to establish their own autonomy outside of the imperial domination attempts of the USA and NATO FORCES on PUTIN’s border.

Which is an initiation of Hillary Clinton’s part to initiate an offensive on PUTIN. Which by every definition of all rational people everywhere is an official decree or an “act of WAR” that was initiated without a catalyst or reason by Clinton on PUTIN. Without any provocation other than her ambition to control and dominate Russia’s own independent control of their own economy and national defense concerns. Which are legitimate concerns when you consider the context.

Why would anyone in America besides Hillary Clinton and her allies and financial backers want to provoke a war with Russia? Considering we are the two main nuclear arms holders in the world. Two biggest armed forces on earth. And Russia is the largest landmass country on earth. — - why would America want a NUCLEAR THREAT from Russia unprovocated by PUTIN?
I say. I don’t want to go to war with Russia. — — in fact. I would like what I consider something so gauche and by the punditry of America is dubbed “PURELY demonic” and its mocked like by Nancy Pelosi. And The Democrats. As

“DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS” with. Russia. — — — Its called DIPLOMACY.

Remembering Bill Maher. And his ranting about this movie called “THIRTEEN DAYS” with Kevin Costner — - over the topic of the Cuban missile crisis and President Kennedy and Kruschev.

And he cites it as this enormous victory for Kennedy only forgetting that it wasn’t a victory. It was a skate off the razor blade of nuclear holocaust by a hair line trigger.

Who is responsible for the successful negotiation of this tension Defusement ? The voice of reason (or maybe the New York Times would call it the voice of the demonic force) — — yeah.

On the bright side though Sarah Silverman , Lessig , Elizabeth Warren.

This essentially could’ve been Bernie Sanders’s war today

Because Bernie would’ve been pressured by the deep state and Red baited as some kind of Godless lenininist stalinist who hates Israel. Etc. — - because he can’t pay for healthcare and his social programs without cutting the deep state and sort of being the anti imperialist — - populist Henry Wallace President. — - he would’ve had no choice but to expand the wars. Then he’d totally fall short on all his promises of a new deal like program as a result of these wars. And the state of the media today.

However. We offer them up a pawn. A chess piece. — - TRUMP. the perfect candidate to expose the true nature of the unelected govt. Bill Moyers. The hidden mercenary govt. of USA.

We had a great social movement in the youth in 2016. Glenn Greenwald. And The Intercept.

These kids believed in Bernie Sanders. But he stood no chance against the deep state. We offer up a sacrifice in the form of Trump. He’s going to explode on the live hand grenade instead of Sanders this year. Because it would’ve destroyed the hope and vitality of our movement.

instead of Trump. (Our elected chess pawn. — - our intentional Nixon.) — -

we knew the left would never challenge the deep state unless a completely inept man like Trump took the grenade hit for us. As a result. The lies are being FLUSHED right out and the entire story is collapsing.

Take a look at Trump Arianna Huffington

He’s probably the FURTHEST thing from a Marxist in literal overt ways. Yet. Even Nancy Pelosi called him a godless Communist red baiting him on the Syrian war. — — yep. She’s a real intellectual (not)

For the record. I’m not a Marxist either

Ive read Karl Marx. I don’t think it’s a solution. I’m like Senator Rand Paul — - except I differ. I consider myself. a “NEW DEAL” populist libertarian who knows that our future is now in our hands. We have no choice but to expose the lies now. And like Senator Rand Paul. I hate TAXES! Mostly bc I know it’s not going back into my community. It’s going to fund the imperial wars that are out of control now. And I also am FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE. — - we have a 20 trillion dollar national debt.

China’s S.A.F.E. — - world’s largest sovereign wealth fund. Owns perhaps over 10 trillion or more in US DEBT via US treasury bonds. How we can we pay it? GDP will grow a bit. But. When you don’t pay taxes. — - then. You need to print the money at a certain point. The fed has never defaulted on a loan. — - so. What’s the economy. Now ?

Now I do believe in the hedgemony of china and Russia and Iran is in that sphere. And yet. Hillary Clinton. And Trump were so deeply subservient to the council on foreign relations and the deep state. That they had a plan to ignite a 3rd world war with RUSSIA and CHINA. — — obviously Iran’s sphere of influence is in that sphere.

Now — — that undermines a lot of the policy of the USA for many years now. But im wholly with Robert Baer on the Iran issue. I believe that IRAN is a stakeholder. By default after 2003 invasion of Iraq. They are not defeated easy. They are a stake holder. And they are rational in comparison to the alternative. We need to embrace the facts. Iran can be an ally. Or a partner if we broker a deal with them. If we dont. Theres going to be enormous blowback.

And I know in comparison to an alternative. They are rational. And our only hope of stability in that region. We need their help. More than they need us.

What’s absurd is that Duke University’s own former CHAIRMEN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF General Martin Dempsey — — the fmr head of the entire MILITARY next to the president. Understands that too. Which is why is 2013. He literally resigned. His post in RADICAL PROTEST. because Obama’s cabinet along with Hillary Clinton. Was so RADICAL and irrational on the issue that he’s looking around at the national security counsel saying to himself “why are they not listening to the experts on the situation. I don’t understand. Theyre sabotaging the national security of the USA. And by proxy Israel’s national security as well!”

So he does this radical thing in 2013. You have to ask Sy Hersh about it. Its like the most incredible story in USA history

In the end (with any hope from g’d above) Senator Rand Paul. And The Democrats. Will have no choice but to investigate what I call “THE NEO CHURCH COMMITTEE”

It would’ve never happened with a Hillary Clinton. Who was already a pledged servant of the deep state. Arguably one of the most willing servants of the deep state agenda in history. Tied for a draw with bush 43.

Trump is our Nixon.

You already see. — - he walks into office on the promise of handing over Syria to Russia. these wars drawing down. Bringing jobs home. On unfair trade deals that basically outsource jobs and starts his first 60 days in a bitter war with DEEP STATE INTERESTS — - from the big moneyed interests behind coup d’tat and their imperial agenda that doesn’t coincide with Trump’s populist vision of America. — - the war starts on Trump with RED BAITING. — — denonizing

Also. 16 years ago. I never existed. Just like you never existed. Just like nothing ever happened. Just like the CIA didn’t recruit George Clooney as a CIA asset as Agent Paul Barry in Van Nuys was openly writing the Hollywood script for the big lies movies. Bill Maher only saw the movie.

See. He never saw the truth. But it’s an unbelievable narrative. He

only knows what he consumes in media. And what he chooses to believe in his heart for whatever reasons he has to get through the day. But. In the end. It’s an unbelievable narrative.

But in a sense this is so much more dramatic than any movie is.

I’ll begin with Affleck. Because he happens to be a part of the narrative unwittingly. And it is quite interesting. So. He’s like this this paradox. — - on one end he articulated in his own script. — - his own words through the character of will hunting how he truly feels about the secret govt. including a rant on the NSA. By a “genius” in the eyes of affleck in his own words what he considers a young genius.

Yet. On the other hand. He has this other side to him. This — - maybe you can say it began with curiosity. Exploring the dark fringes of society. He goes right into the hands of the CIA. — — he says to himself “I’m my own man. I can steer the ship here” plus. It’s an offer he can’t refuse. Laid out quite impressively with. 43 million dollars from the CIA. About a man he has a naïveté about. Because although the protagonist in Argo is a decent guy. — - this film is not quite kosher by the script as it was edited and the narrative is quite like these heroes who risk their lives against a real threat to the world and save it with the CIA merit of no parade for a true American hero at the end.

It totally subverts the entire Iranian story and narrative and perspective.

In fact. It’s a classic John WAYNE vs the filthy hordes story. It’s not the dances with wolves. It’s D.C. cowboys vs Indians. The filthy wretches of the earth that only John WAYNE on horseback can wrangle up for the Stars and Stripes like a real patriot.

Unusual. Truly. As we are a bit nuanced people. And Ben isn’t a dumb person. So. He really is kind of in conflict with his own nature at this point. But he’s gonna go head and sell the war through John Wayne narrative and those filthy Indians he needs to go out and protect the whites from

essentially. All these benevolent Do gooders at the embassy in Tehran are being terrorized by a very evil doing monster that has no morality. And im even seduced by the narrative as I watch it unwittingly. Like routng for the hero. Tony Mendez. In almost like a mind trance for that hour 1/2

But. It’s bizarre right? , that. I know the truth. And I still am somewhat mind controlled for a few hours on this strange journey that Ben affleck directs us on.

Then later. I’m thinking.

“Wait a second. Why is the USA in Tehran? What are they doing there ? to begin with?”

— — they must love iranian food. Or maybe they’re just close friends with, you know, the people of Iran. — - why else would the us embassy be in Tehran. To meet and love and greet the locals. And be kind and generous like Jesus. — — maybe. Theyre trying to protect Israel. — right? Like clearly. Ummm. They just love Iran. Want to live there and be Iranians. Like the locals. — - right?

why are they are in that embassy in Tehra to begin with? And what are they doing all day prior to this catalyst where the movie begins? And according to the CIA. And ben affleck. The award winning heralded hero of D.C. And HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR. Sex appeal. — the red carpet royal. — - that the actual reason is inconsequential.

That’s simply the history — - on its side.

If you pull the Argo into Microsoft word and do a word search for keyword. “OIL” you find zero results.

Because its not part of the narrative.

You see ITS NOT ABOUT THAT!!!! It’s about they hate us for our freedom! And only Tony Mendez and heroes like Ben Affleck can tell us why !! And so overtly.

It’s actually non consequential to the story. This is about evil doers and not the good humans that do gods work in the embassy of Tehran in the 70s.

et — - he somewhat senses something is awry. But it doesn’t register immediately bc. he is offered his dream by Faustian bargain. And he goes on one river turn.

Like I said. This. Is a story of two rivers.

I’m looking at Ben Affleck as he goes to D.C. At this point he’s still somewhat seduced and hooked into machinery of power. And he’s going to do gods work for that wonderful benevolent president of the United States. — - and his wonderful CIA.

And he does it. — - as they slip the Sarin into SYRIA at very same time ben is playing to an audience of Chameleons. Theyre mimicking him and his facial expressions and demeanor. And basically. Making him feel safe. And assured that they care and will be there for him on his noble goals of Congo. All this.

And. — - meanwhile. At the same moment in history. Theyre literally talking to one another. — - they’re going to Frame Assad. With a false flag. And run the SARIN INTO Syria via a courier headed by the Turkish military secret police. And handed off to jihadi mercenaries CIA has on payroll. And they’re going to destroy life in that country.

One. Is where Ben goes. Its the conradian narrative. Where the other is another one on Mississippi. — — Huck is really truly stunned by what happens after the great flood. He and Jim split by circumstances of nature. and by coincidence run into one another at THE CAIRO PASS. — — this is a fork in the river.

It goes two directions. — — - and huck has a dark side. He’s not pure angelic person. He’s got a real nastiness to him at times. So. It’s strange at the point here. Because. He has no real connection to jim. And he can walk away. But. Unknowingly really to him at the time. He would be at the same time abandoning himself on that river if he went in the other direction. So. It’s real

a) Huck chooses his almost certain death to go against the current to Ohio upstream with jim.


B) he abandons him. He lets him go down to New Orleans. Where he knows His fate is minted. — — and he can walk away and go home safe.

That’s when it pivots. — — because Huck can’t go home. He’s changed. His whole life flashes before him.

The dark night of soul on the Cairo pass. — — and he must decide a path. — -

And he realizes. Its no longer a choice anymore for him. He’s already decided. And he hasn’t fully comprehended the weight until that moment. At the Cairo pass. Where he goes in one direction.

And that’s death.

Now we go to the other river.

Congo. — — the narrative of the sinewy ride up the Congo river. — — marlow.

Ben Affleck. — - this man he lost something. His dieection. And he lost so much. He doesn’t he just is like a magnet. Because ironically. See affleck is at one side diametrically opposed to everything he ends up doing in the end. But. He realizes he betrays himself and ends up looking for redemption on marlow’s river. And he can’t find it. — — because its not on that river. That river goes to Kurtz. .

And they infiltrated affleck’s family and destroyed it. — — but they bought him off with incentive 40 million dollars in a bag. To sell the war lies straight from the CIA editorial FINAL CUT of Argo as he sold us a war none of us bought. During the research phase. They kept affleck isolated. So they could basically hook him in. — - he didn’t visit Iran to do the research or diligent fact check.

Now it’s a character attack on Ben either. Because I know his words in his script. About why will hunting won’t join the NSA

. It’s the jungian nature of the shadow. And our darkness.

And that’s what soooooo interesting about Ben’s narrative. Is hes seduced by power. — - he’s offered a dream job ostensibly. And they have the money ready to launch — — and since Ben sees Obama as a good natured man. — - vs. bush. He joins in. He designated obama as a good natured and well intending man. Without ever truly understanding obama’s own dark nature. And the nature of his role in this now — - state funded operation launched out of the CIA.

Contrary to popular belief. — — theres a lot of action in the field for agents. But a lot of the resources of Langley. Primarily go to subversion. Psychological warfare. Manupulation. And deception. — - and the majority of their resources go to the latter. And Affleck is kind of like a king Lear. Where he’s disowned the wrong one and abetted the other who betrays him.

And its actually fascinating. As im just a motley fool pointing it out.

And we all have a darkness. We’ve had a

But. He bragged about eating Persian food in little Persia Malibu. At the time of the filming. In fact. He’s to the date the only filmmaker in history to ever get a secret clearance to go film his movie in the lobby of lamgley. That’s a top secret clearance. No filmmaker in history has ever been alllowed in there to film.

That’s because the CIA produced the film to begin with. — — this is no joke. This was such an important film Michelle obama had to give it a nudge in the academy that year. — - because this is part of the mission. You cant have a war. Americans typically hate war. — - you need to convince them they have no choice. And when that fails. You need to stage a false flag attack. And as BEN AFFLECK was schmoozijg in D.C. In 2013 with all those neocons. — he needed to find a soul in himself. So it uses a justification. It’s ok to sell this war as long as he can save the Congo. How did that work out? Meanwhile. A real false flag attack was being waged on Assad.

Problem with Affleck was. He had a soul to sell in the beginning in the first place. — - cut frame. — — - next year.


Congo. — its sinewy ride through hell. And at the end Kurtz is progress. Ohh the fuvking horror!!!!

Missippi. Theres hope for Huck and jim at the Cairo river pass. — — Ohio upstream. And. This is a resolute river.

Ben was trying to win on the wrong river. And look what it got him. A gold trophy. Broken man. Destroyed. Internally.

Huck was breaking the law on. The right river. — — because that’s the American narrative. He didn’t sell himself to the CIA. He was a fugitive. Punishment was death by decree of the law

Now. I’ll tell you one more last story. Because its important to this very narrative. It’s taking place in lumumbashe in 1962. As CIA. unbeknownst to PRESIDENT KENNEDY — - working for Dulles is TARGETING PATRICE LUMUMBA. and it’s an AMAZING story!!!! It’s more drama than any mainstream film you’ve ever seen.

In fact one point. Lumumba is in the midst of escaping his assassins working for the CIA and he crosses the RIVER!!!

Gets to the other side safely. And had now already beaten the chase out of death from. His assassins. — - and as he turns around. He sees the CIA has his children and his wife at knife point. And they say. “You come back over this river bank. Or I’ll murder your wife and children right now. — — and he goes back over the river to his death. They first put him in the trunk of their car. Drive out to the sticks.
chop up his body into pieces. Throw the pieces of his chopped up body into a barrel of acid. — — then they set the remains of that on fire.

And just like a broken man. — — he goes to the Congo river like Marlow — - seeking redemption on the soul he sold Goethe’s Faust. And he was like marlow on that river. — - not HUCK’s river. But the one that leads to colonel Kurtz. End. It’s progress. . Oh. The HORROR!! The fucking HORROR!!!!!

And Robert Duvall in Apocalypse now! Says “CHARLIE DONT SURF!!! I love the smell of napalm in the morning”

And meanwhile. In Iran. As clooney and affleck were embedded with the CIA deep state. To selll a war in Iran. Based on a manipulation of the facts.

This was happening in Iran

OHHHH. THE FUCKING HORROR — - the horror !!! Kurtz is progress on the Congo river. And there is no Huck Finn.

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