Banned In TrumpLand
Michael Moore

April 16. — — I said it early on

Trump is a catalyst to death or rebirth ON STEROIDS. but either or. — - he was gonna force one or the other. Here we are.

Knowing we face the end of human life on the planet. I was asked.

If you could take a time machine backwards in time and vote for Hillary Clinton. Would you?

I would answer. No.

Wise man is the rooster of the universe: He awakens the unawake!
Mehmet Murat ildan

cock a doodle doo. CA. — -

With love. (Miami🔜🔚🚀✨✨✨✨👊🏻)

Someone Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Call mike Bloomberg. Its an emergency! Mkts gonna crash worldwide 🙏🏻✨ If we make it to one more year on this planet beyond today.. i’ll be in absolute amazement.

THIS IS PERHAPS — — THE MOST DANGEROUS MOMENT IN HUMAN SPECIES EXISTENCE ON THE PLANET IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN SPECIES — — actually in the history of the mammalic life on earth — — there has never been a more dire moment than today,..PERHAPS more than ever before in humanity. It so incredibly dangerous.

far more perilous than cuban missile crisis. — — i truly believe this is the last year of the human race on earth or — — — something EXTREME — — it’s not business as usual.. and yet.. people don’t seem to act like awake.. they aren’t awake.. it’s the end of the world..

John Pilger said this last year. — — -he made a film about it.. this is NOT TRUMP’s WAR ON NORTH KOREA!

THIS IS CONGRESS’s and Obama’s war build up that supposed to be handed to clinton but it was an offensive planned in advance — — year of buildup to this war on CHINA — — — not NORTH KOREA>. and it’s not talked about.. we’re not allowed to know about it.. it’s the most dangerous moment in human history!

NO ONE SEEMS To NOTICE! — — it’s bizarre.. like people wake up and go to work — — no one talks about it.. it’s just another day.. any other day is the same… but it’s actually not the same — — it’s just people are pretending it’s the same.. and it’s not the same!

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
C.G. Jung
People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.
C.G. Jung
One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
C.G. Jung




Stuff we knew before it even happened. Let it be.

Now. Its got leverage. — — change. Or die.

You can thank us later or not — — -humanity is a coin toss away now. Let it ride

I believe Nietzsche. Or one of the fettuccini’s who said “beyond good and evil..”
Fate has a way of bringing us to edge. — - that’s what it takes sometimes. — — - flip a coin doc. — — live or die? You decide.

I call it. DEVILS BLACKJACK! Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Dealer busts.

Hey Donald Duck. — — get a job. Because you’ll kill us or get fired

It’s a crash coarse on “how to be fly! Yo”

Either way — — that mkt is gonna crash hard — BUST!! Bust. Bust!!!!

Glenn Greenwald.


Not a neo-Senator Joe McCarthyist like Hillary Clinton. You have not been forgotten. I think Trump just made your place in history actually. — — you are the century’s largest loser. Responsible. For WORLD WAR 3. — - or. We live past this week

I would like to also thank the academy and Ben affleck & George Clooney for making this reality possible for us. To the deep state I send my love. 👊🏻😘❤️😁

THIS ONE GOES OUT TO THE SMITH MUNDT ACT OF 1948. — — - and its repeal in 2013 on the heels of ARGO and Syria false flag attack ✌🏻✨✨✨✨🚀🚀🚀🚀

Skyrockets in flights. After noon delight 😁

Told you — it takes a river. Just not a Conradian one. — - I prefer Huck’s river.

Tell CIA in the DRC. you saved the Congo

Let it ride ✌🏻😎. Istanbul not constantinanople. HBO PR. Was not a big big fan of Argo.

Blame it on the RITZ.

I do have a good script for AFFLECK. Its a CIA caper about LUMUMBA — - in Congo. On the river. — where his family is held hostage in lumanbashe.

I called up my mother. To tell her please sell her stocks. Because I feel terror — - Nassim Nicholas Taleb. She she says “On Bloomberg. They’re saying nothing happen. The mkt is totally fine. Banks will make killer earnings. .” I said. “How much do you have in the mkt.” she says. EVERYTHING. — - “why not take risk off the table. Mom!?” — — “

“Michael. The mkt will go up says the tv hosts on Bloomberg and I’ll lose money !! You sound irrational”

And I thought. “Yep. This is like cognitive dissonance. And she’s right. I sound irrational bc on tv. Nothing happened. Never happened. — — figment of my imagination. — — I was hallucinating this weekend as we waged war on North Korea. “

Then came the cortisol rush. Ice in my veins — chill up my spine.

Terror. It never happened. — — I’m not alive anymore. I’m Patrick swayze in GHOST. IM — — BRUCE WILLIS IN SIXTH SENSE. — — — - already dead

By proxy. Trump calls china — - tells the president of CHINA to “shut up and eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger”

And even if USA stood down today — — cats out the bag in china. — — they know and fear and imenent attack. And that’s a catalyst for WW3.


Say it over and over. Never happened. Buy stocks.

Nope. It was my imagination!

I immagined the whole thing. It never ever happened. We never waged war on North Korea. Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It was a figment of my imagination

Death. — — - they are going to assassinate us. — — - this is the big kahuna. We are now seriously targeted. — - theyre gonna come after us / — they already threatened me with my life. — — but. Fine. I’m ready. Shoot me Bernie Sanders. Keep me shhhhh

Turn on BLOOMBERG. TV. RIGHT NOW. Its jovial on the NYSE today.

North Korea was a figment of your imagination Bill Moyers


I know you got a STAKE in it now. After this week. I know you. Bernie Sanders. You are not benign. World war 3 never happened. Welcome to world war 3. Its real. And it happened this weekend.

Shhhhh. I must be delusional. We never went to North Korea. Just say it over and over again.

Do you feel it? That icy chill up your spine right now? CORTISOL IS RUSHING THROUGH YOU RIGHT NOW. — — you’re heart is beating faster. You are becoming vigilant. — - because you feel the threat now.

Ahhh. It cant be. Hillary Clinton. Is my friend. She cares about us.

So did barrack obama. And so did bush. They love us. — - why would they want to hurt you or I? They want to help us.

Rep. Barbara Lee. You’re the only one besides John mccain who mentioned anything about it. — — thanks

Yet i turn on. TV today. Its as if I’m Patrick Swayze in GHOST. — - no one can hear me or see me. Except for the nut on the subway. So he was a catalyst. This is death.

Mkts flat across the board. Its like ALL THIS HAPPENED OVER WEEKEND.

World war 3. —no one is even conscious it happened except for me? Mcmilitary WW3

What just happened.? It’s psychological warfare at the epitome of the end of world!

6 mainstream outlets and all mainstream news decided to run with

“TRUMP TAX RETURNS NOT DISCLOSED, FAST & FURIOUS 1 million & 3. Had record profit”
That movie itself is a ghost in The machine. Here’s a guy who just won’t DIE ALREADY. One of them is literally dead. But character keeps getting newer faster cars. And turning into a human missile to shoot off a ramp into Blackhawk helicopters. And he WONT DIE. HE STILL LIVES. LIKE HE WONT LITERALLY DIE!!

THE WAR IN NORTH KOREA never even existed in threat even. It was your imagination. Bill Maher — - you were stoned. And halicinating.

Michael Moore. It was never Nancy Pelosi. Nor OBAMA’s WAR to begin with. You are a terrorist TYT Interviews. — — this was PUTIN’s FAULT!!! Stop spreading lies General MARTIN DEMPSEY. — - former chairmen of the joint chiefs. Hillary Clinton. Never waged a false flag coup on Assad by running Sarin. To CIA paid mercenaries via Turkish borders and couriers. To intentionally manifest a catalyst and justification to remove Assad.

This must be the imperative of your next WEEKEND must’ve been just a GLITCH IN THE MATRIX. — — do not pay attention ! It didn’t happen.

No one witnesssed Scahill on CNN this week. It was a dream. WW3 never happened. Hilary Clinton cares about your well being. You are irrational. Everyone in America went to the movies this weekend.

You were not abused or threatened with your assasination for being conscious and alive.

I wasn’t close to the SEAT OF POWER IN DC.
I didn’t have a security clearance. I’m a disgruntled former employee of the deep state. — — I am suffering from delusion. I was not threatened or PHYSICALLY INTIMIDATED BY men with Sniper rifles. I’m just insane. — — because I’m EXACTLY the type of person who would walk past the security clearance oF the United States Secret Service. I’m exactly that insane. I never have been inside the Oval Office. Yet once I was.

Clinton did not give the Sarin to terrorists to plot a false flag on ASSAD. — — WW3. Never happened! It’s just an illusion!

You are just INSANE! Go out and get a 30 year mortgage on beachfront Miami property. Watch PORNOGRAPHY. REPRODUCE. — - go shopping. Buy a new CAR. — - women like Dangerous men in fast cars. — -think about getting faster Cars and nothing happened other than your hallucination this weekend. Go get a new car. — — one like in fast & furious. You wont die when you go off the cliff with.

You IMAGINED THIS IS IN YOUR HEAD Hillary Clinton. Is a good person who cares about you. And you are the terrorist

Dear AMERICA. — -

You ARE NOT a victim of abuse. Rather you are born too entitled. — — that’s why we’re taking your life away from you. — - because you were born with social security. a constitution. A sense of identity. A sense of meaning. — — this war over the weekend never happened.

CLINTON CARES FOR YOUR WELL BEING — — she’s human. She cries tears. Ohh. Feel pity. Shes just a VICTIM! You are the terrorist Snowden, Scahill, Glenn Greenwald

GERONIMO’s gravesite bones are not in Connecticut at a frat house under a crypt at Yale. — — he was TERRORIST — — he never existed. His people never EXISTED. — — - he is forgotten. — — even his remains have been systematically erased from the record of history. His people never existed. He was a terrorist. He was a threat the people of the United States. He was a terrorist. .

NOTHING HAPPENED do not question Anything.

If you feel lonely or unhappy. There’s an asylum or always suicide for you. Because nothing HAPPENED! You just hallucinated. Glenn Greenwald. Snowden is the terrorist. Isolate. — — — ignore. — — — see a therapist. They will say “stop focusing on the external world. Go meditate. — focus on school. Education. Go to work. Go for a jog. Do not watch the news. — - groom.”

NSA PRISM. CIA SPYING — - is benign. They are trying to protect Bill Maher. & Bill Moyers from TERRORISM. — — to keep you safe — — - like a prisoner. Is safe in their locked cells after RECREATION. IF YOU ARE DISOBEDIANT. — - you will be put into SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.

It’s all in your imagination. Go out & buy a new watch for your loved one. Lessig

You were imagining the entire Scahill The Intercept

All those that you thought Happened this week Scahill. Did NOT happen! Do. Not Pay attention. ISOLATE. DESPAIR. DIE. /- you are not even ALIVE.


BUY A NEW CAR. — — go shopping. On MSNBC. — — - a zoo giraffe and its mother reunited this weekend. — — awww totter is so cute.

NONE OF THIS REALITY EVER HAPPENED. — — I don’t even need a President Bush to tell you. “Go shopping! This didn’t happen”

Remember? 9/11. We couldnt be tricked. We collectively experienced the trauma together. — — no one could really deceive our own perception of the event. It happenwd. Those towers can be not found in the MATRIX anymore. But. WW3. Did not even happen.

We are not in YEMEN. Fighting Al houthi

trump didn’t drop a nuke.

Clinton didn’t give Rebels the Sarin gas.

Chlorine attack that happened in Mosul yesterday that mimicked the photos of the victims of Sarin attacks. Which was not real. — - did not happen!!!

Trump and North Korea are best friends. The apology was all that was needed.

Thank Jesus. — — none of this ever happened. Go out and see the fast & furious today. Go to the mall. Buy a new home. — — get a new car.

Perhaps I didn’t just witness the END OF THE FUCKING WORLD this weekend? Bc you turn on the news. They’re talking about Trump’s tax statement (it’s not news) and chrony capitalism. Etc. all of them ignoring the actual war. Mkts are quiet. 1 — — — - its an ABSOLUTE. COUP.

The state has taken over. People are not listening. The military industrial complex that supports the entire mainstream press and profits off the wars. — - is literally the only government we have. And it’s not a democracy. We live in a totalitarian military dictatorship — — - do I have to be like Patrick Swayze. In ghost. Find whoopi Goldberg and try to convince you all we just faced. Apocalypse. And EVERYONE is pretending that it didn’t just happen.

No wonder TRUMP won the election. No one could predict it. Except me. Bc I was awake the entire time. — - the rest of sleeping zombies. Are STILL in. The fog.

Nothing happened. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. GASLIGHTING. — — -it’s your imagination. We didn’t declare war on North Korea this weekend. We aren’t in 12 active wars right now. There wasn’t a coup in Kiev over the weekend. China isnt arming themselves to defend the incoming 3rd World War that literally just happened

Hillary Clinton. I know. — for a fact. you ran the Sarin to SYRIA. Yourself. And blamed it on Assad. I suggest you heal. — - because you are not living in your own body. Your soul escaped it. I can see outside your body floating 6 ft above you on an umbilical cord. — — I suggest you reintegrate — I don’t say it demeaningly. I have plans of going to Peru myself in next year to visit friends and machu pichu. If we still exist after this week. You have been in the presidential bubble Far too long to understand anything else pure hate that manifests from your own unexplored shadow. — — -

Now Hillary Clinton. If human life Persists on planet another 100 or 200 years. But. I don’t know if we’ll make it past next week. Maybe you’ll be remembered like a cowardly Alexander the Great hiding behind a cruise missile — - or maybe you’ll be like Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. — - either way. You are the loser here. — - and we got one fugitive still in exile. — - thatll change. But you should work on becoming human again. Maybe visit Persia. — - see PERSOPOLIS. / — - walk the alborz. Where iranians go skiing for recreation. — — hang — - meet the Ayatollah. Sit with him like W. Averell Harriman tried to sit awkwardly with Kashani. Or dont. Cause you are worst diplomat in history. And ur foreign policy is MACCABRE. — - I get chills thinking bout it. !

Fix yourself or don’t. — -/ you will NOT Be remembered for much other than warmongering. Electioneering. Baiting and intimidation tactics. Agression. Murder. Apathy. And NEO MCCARTYISM.



maybe. You should listen. go to Peru. Find the shaman. Recconect with nature. Help the flood victims! And get back to source!!!

drink the ayuasca root or die either way. — — - it’s your choice. Ive already been dead and come back. — - -∞∫+∞ ∫ dS dX ➝ 0.

And knowing I might blow up. Or indefinitely explode. — — - Big Dipper outside every night this week. In sky

Hillary Clinton. Knowing trump might blow us up tonight. — - I don’t want to blow up. But If it’s death or rebirth. Let it be. I WOULD NOT VOTE CLINTON if I took a time machine back knowing all I knew today. — — — time is relative baby.

🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀. Sky rockets in flight.

If we cease to live to see the next week. I just want to say to The Democrats House Democrats. — — TYT Network

I am not a republican. — — but I’m still happy I did not VOTE FOR either Hillary Clinton. Nor TRUMP. this year. — see you all in the next world I guess 🚀✌🏻🔚🔜

If i could take TIME MACHINE backwards in time to Several months prior. I still wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Knowing I would die this week in nuke Holocaust . Its so ironic. — — I still wouldn’t vote for her. Neo mccarthyist!!! GERONIMO! give us Snowden back now. Or continue to gamble with us. — — - im not bluffing. ACT OF GOOD FAITH OFFER in the legal dict.

Oh yeah. I forgot. Hillary Clinton. U are not the president. You cant sign his turkey pardon this thxgiving. You never will either

And history will not be kind to you for it.

If there is a future after this week. Personally. I don’t want to live in a country I need to defect to Russia because the govt is breaking the law for. — knowing what I know now. — — that’s not freedom. 🙏🏻🖕🏻

I don’t care if the govt spies on me. I got nada to hide. — — but that don’t mean I don’t value the CONSTITUTION OF USA.

If I blame anyone for this. Its trump & Clinton. Equally. — - we had zero choice.

Oh well. — — lets hope its painless.

Years ago. Bush asked. “Is our childrenSz. Learning?”

The answer in short. — - yes!

The counter-question — - “is our paruntzzz learningzzz?” — — 6 trillion rising. 🔝🔝🔝🙄🤢👊🏻📉



Next stop. ASIA. — -RUSSIA. ETC on and on. — - then who will we terrorize after that? Ohhh.

The other day a platonic female acquaintance told me of her date with a mercenary of war. on his 100 foot yacht in Miami. Was fascinating. — — truly.


It’s ridiculous. — - cartoonish nightmare

Bernie Sanders. Ha. We can have drones and wars and pay for better education system. Etc.

No. — — - you really can’t. Actually

And by the WAY. — — thanks for showing us your true colors. Elizabeth Warren.

Only Rep. Barbara Lee. And Sen John Mccain had any balls to say anything remotely critical. This is — - beyond absurd.

Thanks for being around new leadership



PILGER WAS RIGHT ABOUT WW3. Wrong about Trump being any resistant agent toward the DIRECTION of current flowing

It was months ago. Last year. Prior to election. It was true!

Haha. How funny Bill Maher. Those stupid Russians. Ummmm

Who is going to bail us out now ? Now that youve written PUTIN off as the sworn enemy of the United States. — - Who is going to save us! Bill Maher ? The dems?

No. ! We actually need PUTIN to save us. That’s why the media spent MONTHS upon MONTHS upon MONTHS upon MONTHS. Upon months bashing PUTIN. red baiting trump. To push him into WORLD WAR 3.

You keep forgetting OBAMA started it. Its just a continuuity of GOVERNANCE. — — the deep state.

SEOUL — Obama.

Five years after U.S. President Barack Obama committed to a strategic rebalance to Asia, shifting diplomatic and military resources to the globe’s economic engine, critics say the move was oversold and, so far, it has under delivered.
At a time when Beijing’s assertive moves to claim territory in the South China Sea draw headlines and worried responses from regional countries, some say China appears to be outmaneuvering its rivals in the race to assert claims over the vast strategic sea.
“As somebody sitting in the Asia Pacific region and observing the U.S. presence in the Asia Pacific, we’ve only seen glimmers of the rebalance,” said William Choong, a Shangri-La Dialogue senior fellow for Asia-Pacific Security in Singapore.
For decades, the U.S. Navy has protected key shipping routes in the Pacific.

It wasn’t A COINCIDENCE. — - Obama’s ASIA PACIFIC PIVOT. Was a preparation for WW3.

It wasn’t A COINCIDENCE. — — - Obama passed the torch. — — but the state has an agenda. No matter who the president appears to be.

This was OBAMA’s mission he planned on passing to Clinton. — - the media was colluding. — - now. trump got coup’ d’tat by the DEEP STATE.

See Bill Maher where all that RED BAITING and Kremlin gate shit got us?


And we resisted. — — Trump was Couped by the deep state.

You see? The Intercept. Scahill and Glenn Greenwald. And others were right. — / this was the agenda all along. But. No one supported trump. But clinton was pushing for the war in Asia.

IM CRAZY. A conspiracy buff? I don’t think so. Trump was coup’ed. By the deep state. JUST LIKE DWIGHT D EISENHOWER warned. .

Now we NEED PUTIN to rescue us from the military coup that took place earlier this month. Truly. — — otherwise. Its WW3

HELP! — — - PUTIN. Please help. Deter us.

Rachel Maddow works for the deep state and is paid HANDSOMELY. To sell the war.

See u later ratings killah.


And his show on that PROVDA FOR television network — - CNN? Well he’s on RT now. — - which is just one other source of fake news. Sometimes. — / but theres intellectuals in America. Who know better

KENNEDY. 5 direction projectile bullet in the head. Bc bullets zig zag in 5 different directions. Always. After they hit the target.

William Colby drowned in the river after the Church committee. Theyre all coincidences.

Before the actual fake news propaganda war machine took over

Lets see. — — oh yeah. I haven’t met anyone outside the mainstream media or D.C. Establishment in the last 5 years that approved of Obama. Or his policy at all. Let alone the EXTREMIST in his cabinet. CLINTON.

Now. Left is right. Black is white. Truth is lies. War is peace. And. 2+2=5
We blame the public face of the war machine.

But it’s not even them! They are not even even alive anymore probably. — - they were. Probably brainwashed by MK ULTRA. — -/ they are not the same human people that ran in their original campaign. It was a front for the actual war machine.

this was NOT CLINTON VS TRUMP. NOR. is it Even TRUMP. NOR OBAMA running the office.

NONE OF THEM ARE RUNNING THE OFFICE. — none of them were past first 100 days in office.

Conspiracies are a REAL LEGITIMATE FACT. Spend one day in the National archives. Foia the declassified papers. And you would know they EXIST. — — even under EISENHOWER. he warned against it. But under him. The first EXTREME WAVE of the deep state unfolded. Then KENNEDY

KENNEDY WAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM FOR THE DEEP STATE. — — he planned to expose and demolish them. We all know how that turned out.

Understand this.

Anne Coulter just became aligned with The Intercept and Scahill — -

And trump just became aligned with CLINTON.

Now. — who is going to rescue us? — — anne Coulter? Oddly enough? — — no putin has to save us. Hes the only one who can now!!!

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