Banned In TrumpLand
Michael Moore

It’ll get worse before it gets better. Part of what we are doing now is cleansing our institutions out. — -

Unlike Bill Maher

We seek not to reinstate the Literal POST 9/11 terrorist deep state. I know for a fact the burden of proof belongs on the legitimacy of our institutions. If that burden of proof cannot be met. Then it’s our duty as AMERICANS. UNITED. To dismantle them. — - and rebuild a new life for ourselves that works for people. That is reasonable. That is evolutuonary and flexible that moves within the era of our time. We have crises everywhere we look. And we do nothing about it. — — now. We are taking over.

Time to dismantle that which no longer serves us.


We are exposing the lies. And trump is a great instrument for us to play in this chess match. He’s wreck it Ralph.

He’s gonna wreck it. — - and I mean it — -this needs to wrecked!

I’m not an idiot. Michael Moore

You think it’s a coincidence?

They’re a team. Theres. Us! And them.

And we are the PEOPLE!!! They are just a bunch of tiny little people. And they should be in terror of us. Because we have leverage. Bargaining chips. And every means to go the distance and dismantle them entirely. They are not legitimate. They are not cooperative. And they are in violation of high crimes and misdeamors. Treasonous people. Time to take a stand Michael.

I want those democrats and institutional pundits who abetted the overthrow of our own democracy. Weak. Marginalized. Discredited. On their knees. Begging for help.

And we’ll throw them a rope. Maybe. . In return for a list of demands.

@The war is a lie. — — Clinton was not our people. Not our leader. Nothing will ever ever change that.

PUTIN didn’t hack our election.

We just didn’t vote. Time to flush it all out.

Imagine this is a colon cleanse

It will be painful at first. It’ll feel uncomfortable. You will cringe. Then we start flushing all the shit out. And you will walk away clean again

How did we get here?

You want to blame bush? — - this was a COOPERATION BETWEN the same elites that never left. Ever.

I’ll tell you. — - this is where we draw the line! How did we get here Michael Moore ?

Step 2. — — how did we get to where we want to go!

First we need to expose the lies. — - dismantle all that no longer serves our best interest

I do not wish to give credibility to post NDAA executive branch. To an FBI that is like cointelpro on steroids. A CIA that’s always been corrupt. But has never looked so friendly and cute before. Since NDAA 2013. Now. Theyre all heroes. This bill. Called. “THE SMITH MUNDT ACT OF 1948" banning psychological warfare on the domestic public was disbanded and repealed. Immediately after. The CIA got into the PUBLIC RELATIONS BUSINESS. and scaled it to Hollywood.

Lost credibility.

  • The mainstream media has been debunked and marginalized. It’s fantastic.
  • Neoliberalism is on its knees ready to crack under the pressure of CRITICAL MASS.
  • the neoliberal left (who aren’t our friends) are in terror on their knees. Yield to us!!!!!
  • The right wing is in disarray. 49% of the registered voters came out to vote for trump this year. The rest of us stayed home. It’s got to get worse before it gets better. That majority electorate came out to vote religiously (no pun) was the republican Christian Right wing. And Trump defiles and debases all of their values inherently
  • People are waking up. Except for mainstream punditry. The intelligencia. The neo liberal establishment status quo of endless war and complete psychological warfare.
  • Cointelpro on steroids with the NSA.
  • Neo McCarthyism and red baiting from the Neo liberal left.

It seems like a tragedy. But its not. — — it’s just step 1

It’s like a colon cleansing. This is the painful part where the tube inserted in your anus.

Do not RESIST. it’ll make more painful. But. Essentially the end goal is to flush the SHIT right out!!!

So hang in there. — - you’re gonna feel brand new very soon. — - because the revolution will not be televised. And its real. It’s STRONGER THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE. and its pretty much United against one thing. Injustice

We live in an unjust era and unjust times. — — taking this step 1. Is going to be painful. But I promise you

Step 2. Is as the shit flushes out the backend.

Step 3. And a brand new spankin new you. .

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