How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage in a Trump World
Arianna Huffington

I’ve never been an ardent supporter of any of Trump’s social or ecological policies except his posturing (rhetoric) against global world war 3 which Clinton was all too proud to incite with demonetization of Russia, harsh economic sanctions (which Putin has no respect for anyway), the blocking of Russian oil and Liquid nat gas pipelines to Western Europe by NATO forces, buildup of NATO tanks & soldiers on Russia’s backyard fence, Mrs. Clinton’s neo-McCarthyist rhetoric during campaign, her dangerous installation of a first strike nuclear attack weapon deceptively named “Anti-Missile defense shield” in Putin’s backyard.

Trump is probably the best thing this country could get. It exposed the public’s mainstream ‘collective’ cynicism in duopoly of power. The veneer of liberalism that the DNC really only excels on social issues like females rights. Etc. lies and corruption within the establishments and instutions were the focus of 2016.


The Office of The President of the United States is held by an all powerful leader.

When we were children we were taught that Santa Claus put presents under the tree for us with magic reindeer. We grew out of it nearing early adulthood. It’s a con — a sham. That guy those kids sit on his lap in the mall is just a local alcoholic in a red costume pretending to keep an illusion alive that is for the psychological benefice of children.

PRESIDENT OBAMA & Candidate Hilary Clinton represented, in my mind at least, “GOOD SANTA”

— — —

Sit on his lap and he pretends to be a great father figure, warm, charming, smiling gracefully.

Soccer mom asked me recently, “Michael, how do I explain the behavior of Trump to my children? He’s such a bad role model.” — — I said, “you’re right, you’re children should not look up to the President, especially not as a nice man or a benevolent father figure! It’s toxic. The man murders millions and wages proxy wars with mercenaries from the underworld. He’s a shrewd sociopath with a friendly costume on!”


He’s clearly Billy Bob Thornton. BAD SANTA. He came to the mall to have lewd sexual escapades with waitresses, urinate on himself, punch reindeers in the face, curse, abuse, and downright take advantage of everyone in town. End goal? Rob the mall he’s working at. He traumatizes the children. But at least he’s transparent about being a son of a b*tch. He’s not even trying to hide what a scumbag he is.. BAD SANTA!

Media is appalled. — I love it — because for 8 years the honeymoon with Obama as he ran around playing the board game “RISK!” with a map of the world and the world’s most powerful army, inciting coups in Honduras, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and running false flag attacks in Syria with phony stovepiped intelligence reports to induce a regime change and destroy Syria, nearly causing global thermonuclear holocaust as Putin happily deploys his Black Sea fleet flotilla August 2013 to stave off a 6th Fleet Navy armada with enough Raytheon Tomahawks to level the entire continent.

As young navy boys painted their monikers on sides of missiles “Donald Duck’s face — and BORN TO KILL” in red paint as they loaded up the galley with their weapons of death, they were met head on by a black sea fleet.

Now, where did they deploy from? Ironically, Crimea, the only warm water port that Russia has obtained and secured since the USSR. With few hundred injured, very low death toll, maybe 10 killed, but overwhelmingly passive Crimeans let Russia waltz in. Some just don’t care. They’re culturally more Russian than Ukrainian or Europe. The majority speaks Russian; Putin meanwhile today has an 83% approval rating in Russia among his populace.

The USA has a 6 to 8% approval rating of their own congress and no one can believe in the stats coming out of Axelrod’s and Podesta’s political machinery. It’s Walter Lippman, Edward Bernay’s, Joseph Goebbel’s on steroids and the media calls it cute Santa.

He makes the children (who still believe in fantasies like a jolly red costumed man eating their Christmas cookies) feel safe and good about life.

TRUMP? He only shines a light on all that is already horrible in this world and was refused to be looked at by much of the mainstream.

For some like us (clearly, the mainstream disaffected — immobilized, unexcited, and totally cynical populous), we think BAD SANTA is good for AMERICA. He’s going to self — destruct. He’s self-annihilation prone.

It’ll show the “Behind the curtain view of the cowardly wizard of oz” to American’s still believing in childhood stories (they should’ve outgrown long ago), such as that of the benevolent liberal values of DNC.

NAH! — — this is a game changer. No way can things go back to the old order.

THE GOOD OL BOY’S NETWORK OF DC.. includes alot of women!

And Mrs Clinton is one of them.

— — — — — — —

A new era. A new culture. A highly conscious and judgmental business press would love to demur the youth and invalidate them as prostitutes to narcissism on social media (as the pundits of Sunday talk go around expressing their own form of validation of senseless violence and with a face and a name (a brand to sell), cynical — — very — with their makeup artists blushing them before they go out on stage and pimp out the war like a bunch of gangster collaborators.

Now, mercenary’s paid for with our fiscal stimulus under both parties in the last 16 years are riding around on yachts with AK47’s and Kalishnakovs impressing young stripper girls with bags of money and cocaine in the stowaway compartments of their 150ft Yachts.

“What do you do for a living?” — -> they ask on dates

Response is:

“I’m in contracting baby! — — deep deep contracting, if you know what I mean. Are we going to party or what?”


They committed grotesque high crimes and misdemeanors. President Obama and Clinton’s complicity with not just maintaining the extreme policies outlined by Wolfowitz in “A Project For a New American Century” — — Rather only besting them!

I’ll never forget an opportunity arose where Iran was willing to come to the bargaining table (early in Obama’s first term) and work out some kind of deal. Iran was willing to let UN inspectors in, as well as work with MI6 and CIA to not completely deconstruct their centrifuges and nuclear enrichment facilities, but enough to keep their enrichment at non-weapons grade potential and abide, using their facility for leverage — — blackmail.

Nineteen US Intelligence Services have written detailed reports and briefs about this in full. I don’t know if you’ve met anyone in Langley’s upper management lately, but I can tell you the CIA is not exactly a bastion of liberal thought and progressive idealogy!

These guys have pliars and tasers in the cars and are playing Basketball with Idi Amin’s former henchman like one of the gang in almost every allegorical similarity in every other country they’re in. NICE and benevolent people? Doubtful. — — but even they are intelligent enough to know that Iran poses no legitimate threat to Israel and the USA unless they are forced to deter a bilateral (Israel / US) attack long enough for diplomacy to kick in.

Long story short, we effectively sent in diplomats to talk Gaddafi out of WMD program, we rid Iraq of WMD’s in 90’s, and we know diplomacy works.

2011 comes rolling in, Gaddafi has one last word before his end! *(I really wish I never disarmed my WMD program!).

Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize investigative journalist reports that Sarin used in Syria was tested on 6th fleet naval carrier by top scientists and found it was not of the same DNA of his arsenal. In fact, it showed that it was most likely deployed by Al Nusrah Front and the mercenary army Obama sent

I will commend President Obama for reaching out for Iran (on the surface, but then we’re reminded COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!”).

Commend President Obama for Iran?

Why? Because they have silkworm missiles and Shahab-3 missiles already aimed at Saudi Aramco Exxon and seven Sister’s entire oil refineries in the Arab gulf and have threatened to use them to blow Abqaiq and Gahwar to up? Cutting off supplies from KSA for 2 years (with constant repair), unleashing a potential 3 million man/woman assymetric warfare insurgent fighting force on the region, — — letting Iraq and Afghanistan borders collapse under instability, and goodbye Majnoon oil for Royal Dutch Shell and their kin looking for a more efficient upstream solution out of Basra.

MERCENARIES in LIBYA running around with Sarin through Turkey, Yazidi massacres. It’s grotesque.

And Trump is the manifestation of TRANSPARENCY!