How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage in a Trump World
Arianna Huffington

Mrs. Huffington. Please. Tell us why The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Martin Dempsey resigns in protest over Good Santa Obama in 2013? Could it be that he’s a man of honor and decency? Or is it simply Russian propaganda, that reached the highest military commander in the USA next to the President of The United States?

The Numb empathy lacking liberals of America

I’ll never forget watching Elanor Clift on the Mclaughin Group speak of the benevolent acts of drone terrorism on Houthi’s in Yemen. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE — — Where is you’re divinity?

You don’t understand the violence. Until you’re one of the hunted. (machines in the sky — — robot missiles) You are not a person. You are a white dot on Infrared scan — — and your heat signature disappeared with an executive order from a man Soccer mom’s say, “Now, my children have no one to look up to since President Trump came into Office.”

LOOKING UP? — — I think we can do better.

and we will. Thank god for Huckleberry Finn and his kin — white black yellow brown muslim christian sufi jew — woman man transgender.

PARTICLE SCIENCES.. Aura inside a animal body. It’ll leave when the physical meat of the shell the consciousness and spirit inhabit rots or is cut short by an iron heel.

A Genius’s perspective is — Jury is out. I’ll flip a coin on it though for intuition sake -m’aam.


wake up sleepy heads;. You’ve been spinning in the web of lies. it’s Operation Mockingbird 3.0

TELL ME. I need to know what was this CIA operation.


good Santa’s Op Timber Sycamore. Do a bit of research. You’re a journalist. Where’s my 5 W’s?

And I’ll show you how we decided to fight a war in Iran. And how it was effective — — now, they’re working to undermine us!


escape cognitive dissonance. This is a charity named Mahak. It’s run by women and founded by women in Iran. We can win that war. It’s a common enemy. (Cancer)

BILL MAHER & SAM HARRIS and THE LIBERAL VOICES of the Far left CREATED TRUMP’S Orwellian fascist policies. And you’d think they’d be happy! right?

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