How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage in a Trump World
Arianna Huffington

Sorry I didn’t summarize my conclusive thoughts in that long rant.

I find Trump’s neo-nazi, white-power fascist rants inspired by the liberals — — in fact, the extremism of Trump in terms of Muslims and travel bans comes directly out of the Left!
Your friends created the landscape. The irony is multilayered. It’s Shakespearian.

You have created this monster — — MANIFESTED a Trump president. The universe delivered him as a messenger. Many people who meet NPD (DSM-IV definition of narcissistic personality disorder) often feel abused, but the victim mentality needs to be overcome. Time to stop playing one. This NPD (Trump) is a high functioning one, I’ll give you that, but he’s still just a mirage. He’s an ANGEL IN DISGUISE — — he showed up to embody the ugliness and shadow aspects of ourselves we’ve not explored. Jung’s philosophy of the shadow is a collective anima — like our nation’s shadow is being confronted now with a manifestation of it in a Trump POTUS. He’s a messenger from our unconscious

Meanwhile, in Iran. Women are fighting for their own civil rights. Risking persecution and torture. Men are coming to their side in the fight for decency. It’s only rational to believe that hardliners exist all over, but a father wishes nothing but good things for his daughter.

A post generation that hadn’t seen the horror of Iran/Iraq war. Only the stories of martyrs. The rituals. Yet. They don’t love the regime. They’re moving in a secular place despite a repressive government with authoritarian rule.

The idea of regime change or rapid change in Iran is folly. And it can only happen without the interference of the USA. We are a beacon and a shining city on a hill? Or just a few years past collective memory of the forgotten history of the United States.

Imagine this: BOLSHEVIKS bomb NYC and liberate the women. How you think it plays out? With tea and biscuits? A gentlemenly and societe’ woman’s debate with civility? OR a Balaton that crack the brains open of a young woman in NYC street. Crowds of fleeing women trample over it in terror as on horseback a liberal President Woodrow Wilson, and his benevolent young J Edgar Hoover wage war on the Women of USA?

Was it a shining city on the hill then? CIVIL? Progress doesn’t happen with politics or within the system. It is important enough to die for — — and die they will. Blood ran in the streets.



The 100 of Halford.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

and if Lenin had dropped a bomb on those sites to liberate our women. Would it ever manifest?

Only — — later — — too late. After insurgency. After disorder. After the vacuum of power is a dangerous place to position oneself.

That’s when muscle takes power — — seizes it.

Do you believe in your own ability to liberate yourselves? Or do you need a fake GOOD SANTA to do it for you?



A Clinton administration. The neo-McCarthyism. The NEW WORLD ORDER collaborators have shown their views through action. Yes, Mrs. Clinton and Madame. Sec. Albright have denied their divine feminine and adopted a culture. Plato’s allegory of the cave is the shadow we see when we assume progress comes like this.


is Clinton knowing very good intelligence from 8 years of the highest clearance (and we all know they were a team — the Clinton’s discuss the world and plans in their bedroom at night after perusing the CIA daily briefing reports before the light go out and they sleep off the decisions they make

SHE SENT OUR 18 year BOYS into a WAR ZONE. To even think for a second the Iraqi’s might be grateful for it or treat them as LIBERATORS? is just our projection of GOOD SANTA — — Mrs. Clinton. The benevolent, well intentioned, but grossly misinformed leader? Or Goethe’s Faust — — with a thick skin that doesn’t bleed guilt over acting and selling lies to push her career ambitions forwards?

I’ve been fighting a war in IRAN. and My friends have to0. And we have been winning,. because the SUN TSU Art of War’s most prolific passage is “The Supreme art of War is to subdue the enemy without ever fighting!”




WAR IS FOUGHT — — and progress is slow. but hope is alive.

MRS CLINTON. Senator, Madame Secretary, First Lady.


SANTA is an Illusion. It’s a charade. A cynicism at a heart of DARKNESS.

In the Conradian Novel “Heart Of Darkness” — — Marlowe’s river is a sinewy ride through hell. His meeting with Kurtz is the metaphor. That river has resolve. It’s that we see progress with Kurtz. His crippled madness. and We accept that this is a river we don’t want to ride.


an AMERICAN river. that river is not going backwards. It’s american river. and the resolution is one of complex nuance, but it’s the river I choose to ride with flack and dodging my 8th or 9th life away from vandals and unscrupoluous bounty hunters come to bring us to justice.

HUCK is not a criminal. He is by law a criminal. but by divine spirit, he is the hope of the world.

Not ABE LINCOLN. — -> the Huck’s of the world. Because he broke a billion laws and became an outlaw. Such is the predicament of noble men and women in an unjust era.

And Trump is the TRANSPARENT to her OPAQUE.

END GAME. A cultural, spiritual, emotional, and quantum level awakening is occurring, but the media and the institutions that fostered this by accident are in complete disarray..

REMAIN CALM. — it’s darker before the light.

My belief is this. Awakening is inedible. The Great American novel’s and our famous heroes “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, it’s all fun and games at first with Mark. He’s having an adventure, breaking the law, and being a rebellious child. It’s at a pivotal point in the river crossing when he and Jim get separated during a flood, does Huck realize how much Jim loves him.

At the river crossing near Cairo, he has to make a choice.

BREAK THE LAW, risk death (certain life threatening danger), become a criminal of the state, and not go downstream to New Orleans, but upstream Ohio.

This is the point in the story where our narrator and hero feels true fear for the first time, because now it’s not just a game. It’s real. consequences are real. And emotions are vested. And Danger ahead is certain.

So. It wasn’t a choice for Huck. He couldn’t go backwards down the river bend south at Cairo.

It was death or freedom. and that’s an American story!

Don’t you see?

It seems like a depression, and the death of progress, but that’s only because we perceive progress in a transitory moment of the present. Our emotions are not fixed and we can’t see a future.

I see a future.

You need to escape a corporeality vision (illusion) for a moment.

My friend Elon Musk always says, “We live in a hologram.”

Of coarse we do! and you aren’t seeing that we’re just on phase two of the HUCK FINN RIVER RIDE — — where death and villians chase us to sanctuary!

When I discuss this illusion, “BAD SANTA” in Trump, he’s transparent about the horror we’ve been sweeping under the rug.

Let me speak of Islam now, I have been appalled by liberals and their insensitivity toward human life.

We speak of Benevolent and progressive Clinton (a mirage).

Here’s a family business — and little shop of horrors. Numbed to it by the “GOOD SANTA” costume are the left wing. It’s gauche and irrational. Lippman and Goebell’s , much like Rove and Podesta/Axelrod understood that you can reach people better through their emotions and not their logic. Fear is more potent at the moment. It’s irrational and empirically untrue.


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