Banned In TrumpLand
Michael Moore

I personally don’t care for Trump policy

To me. He’s simply blowback on the neoliberal elite left wing hypocrisy. Now. I’m not a tea party advocate. But they have legitimate concerns about their own livelihood which has been demolished under Hillary Clinton and NAFTA. and not only that. Immigrants have fled their own nations due to CIA deathsquads sent into their own countries. Which everyone wants to live in their home. Until it becomes uninhabitable by means of destruction. And Clinton was part of a movement that designed a whole army of mercenaries to destroy them. Honduras. Guatamala. Nicaragua. El Salvador has been in chaos. And they are refugees. Seeking safety from terrorism of the left wing enacted on them by Clinton and her policies. — - and there’s a wall in Texas already. And Hilary supported it.

TRUMP was to me, a one term president that allowed the left to regroup and come back in 4 years with a legitimate policy and leadership. They are blowing it now!!! They are destroying themselves.

We prefer 4 years of hell with trump over 8 years without hope under Clinton.

4 years is better than 8 years according to American Democratic Party’s traditional base. Whose values were abandoned by Clinton and her policies. Along with a lot of them. Only Barbara Lee and Fmr Senator Kucinich fought for our values.

And this is where Bernie Sanders has been misleading. This is part in parcel why he lost much of his support from a traditional base that could’ve backed him. But didnt.

Why? / — Bernie Sanders went on Meet The Press. He basically outlined his foreign policy. Which was. Execute assassinations without juris prudence from the White House directly. Something gauche in the past. A Republican president. Gerald Ford said. The president does conduct assassinations from the White House — - it’s not in the jurisdiction of the executive branch. This is a new thing. And Obama openly assassinated American citizens oversees without due process of the law. A complete rogue. — - this is a nation of laws. When those institutions and laws that the nation is built on breakdown. So does the continuity of democracy and all the values of country. — - if we stand for nothing at all let’s stand for a constitution. — - but that’s not what Bernie Sanders outlined. And in fact. He has a very very precarious record on the Iraq war vote. Which he campaigned on being against. That’s not entirely true.

Bernie Sanders voted yes on the Iraq liberation act. He also said publicly. “I believe Saddam to be an evil dictator. And the USA must take action to remove him from power.”

Well there’s no argument that Saddam was a thug — - the CIA helped install him and overthrew Iraqi secular democracy as a means to fight a proxy war against Iran in the early 80s. USA supplied Saddam with chemical weapons which he happily used with USA pleased on Iranian borders. 1 million dead Iranians. And the horrors of Sarin attack on Iran was an impetus and catalyst for the IRGC to actually fight a war like the USA. Mimicking our foreign policy. By sending 1000 IRGC elites to Lebanon to train an army of Arabs. Not Persians so to fight a a proxy war on USA as revenge. This army we now know of as Hezbollah was created as a blowback from the Iran Iraq war.

Everything is connected. Ok?

BERN objected only to the fact they did not go to congress first. — — not the same thing as Kucinich or Barbara Lee. — - he also had no foreign policy plan other than to continue the bush era NWO. the wolfowitz and Rumsfeld plan that Obama and Clinton not only championed. But expanded in a rapacious power grab.

You can’t win on that platform Bernie Sanders — - and you can’t pay for your legislation promises of social programs when you still think you can take money and pour it into the war machine. And then offer us education programs? It wont work. It’s impossible.

It’s simple arithmetic. — bern. This is where you lost half of your potential base in 2016 Bernie Sanders. Even my friend Jeremy Scahill said that he ain’t backing Bern. Glenn Greenwald can attest. I remember Scahill saying so. That bern is not a serious candidate. He’s a positive voice. But he’s not targeting the root problem behind it all. Which is the foreign policy. And the money of the national budget. Take one look at the fiscal budget annual DISCRETIONARY SPENDING and you would know where the money goes!

Where’s the healthcare in that pie Bernie Sanders ? Because you can’t have both. War and the promises you are making.


No one was so prophetic in the wake of 9/11 as the so-called madman from ESPN. THE MOST PROPHETIC MESSAGE TO US

“The lid is on. Loose Lips Sink Ships. Don’t say anything that might give aid to The Enemy.”
The Intercept — - don’t forget this. You are an enemy of the state. — - at one time or another. — we must all become enemies of the state as to restore order. Sanity. Justice.

I’ll never forget the words of a former US SUPREME COURT JUSTICE on such a matter of topical Relevance. Sanity is absurd sounding in this era. It’s no different than Huckleberry Finn on a river

The criminals — - Huck Finn. — which is to say. That’s the American narrative. Progress. Hope. Solidarity. And modicum of sanity depend on becoming enemies of the state in order to ensure democracy.

“Do you know TATER? Glenn Greenwald ? “

As I point out. Bin laden didnt just appear out of nowhere. — — he was extremely well known as were his affiliates. His first attempt was to attack USA in the heart of the problem. Saudi Aramco EXXON abqaiq refinery.

It was a failed attempt. But he took credit for it.

Next stop was his attack on USS COLE. — - blew a hole into the center of the navy ship. Which he celebrated. Hillary Clinton. Knew all about it. Especially after BIN LADEN TOOK DOWN the US EMBASSY in KENYA in a massive bombing. 6 story building went down. — - the Clinton’s knew all about it. — - we forget the WTC 1993. And intellegence agents knew of bin laden quite well. Unfortunately. Things break down when you observe the FBI and the CIA under Clinton revolving around Bin Laden and the alleged hijackers of the airplanes that hit us on 9/11. Its a mind mind boggling story of “CATCH & RELEASE” the whole paper trail was almost burned by incinerators in D.C. Theyre industrial paper destroyers in D.C.

But. We do follow the trail. And it does lead to Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile. Bill Maher likes to blame Bush for everything on 9/11. He forgets to associate the fact that this was A TEAM EFFORT. — — meaning. Clinton abetted Bush in the same policies that are shadow deep events that we can’t exactly draw a complete narrative on. But we can only WITH CERTAINTY assert that it was A COVERUP. POST 9/11. And The iraq war was a part in parcel a Clinton policy initiative from the start which she pushed forward knowing well that it was a non-threat. And you have to observe the Clinton era leading up to 9/11 to understand her duplicity in the Crimes on the USA civilian population.

Merit. — — -”you will be greeted as liberators in Iraq” said Hillary Clinton to American kids only 18 years old as she sent them into a place she knew they’d be stuck and in precarious unnecessary danger in.

Yep. I’m certain she knew well. — - she had great intelligence that was very legitimate and chose to stovepipe falsified evidence to complete her mission in Iraq which was in basketball terms. “An assist” or. She threw the ball to Bush and he slam dunked it. And it was a team effort.

A message to black Americans. — some have said that foreign policy doesn’t matter to them. Bc they have problems in the community that’s socioeconomic. And it’s a “white privilege” to care about the war.

Well in response. — — they are connected at the HIP. — — -ok? We can’t have better life for ourselves and the wars abroad. It’s a matter of dividing the money to say. Education. Community outreach. Social programs. Decent quality of life. And then the alternative. Throw the money into the war machine and make a bunch of blood soaked arms dealers rich beyond their wildest dreams. — - and where do they get all this money? They take it from the treasury. And they ciphon it off to their pals. They hide the money in panama and elsewhere offshore. And they certainly don’t pay any taxes.

Still think that it doesn’t matter? It does.

MORE ABOUT Hillary Clinton that The Democrats. Did not disclose. Is they barred Lessig. From the debates. And Wikileaks Cables reveal how House Democrats. — - notably Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Rigged the primary election for Clinton.

A supposed lesser of the two evils.

Here’s the smoking gun. Hillary Clinton. ENTITLEMENTS. MEDICAID. HEALTH FOR THE ELDERLY

A FEMALE PRESIDENT. — - sure. No one has anything against her gender. Except that she is judged as a human. Not a woman — - but as a decision maker. A policy record that entails years of deception. Manipulation. Subversion. Dirty tactics. Leverage against her opponents in democratic elections. Witch hunts against Americans who have decided to go with sanity over her Machiviallian rule.

THE FEMINIST? Lets observe.


Lets observe.

“BLAME PUTIN For it. That’s typical of those unwilling to take ownice for their own criminal tendencies. It’s a sociopath’s trait”

But I’ll tell you this much. I do legitimately agree with his rants sometimes. Lets go down the list.

  • “John McCain is not a war hero” — - ok. He has medals from the pentagon. He by definition of the DOD is a war hero. What’s a war hero? — - he was bombing north vietman with napalm night and day. Until he was shot down. He spent the rest of the war in a Vietnamese prison — - hell on earth. I’m certain. — the facts are ambiguous about his acts of valor and courage in the POW camp that merited the award. I won’t argue it. — — he had a very different experience of the war than someone like OLIVER STONE. who was a military grunt on search & destroy missions. — - he literally faced death in the jungle nightly. Witnessed friendly fire. And I believe he ran into the middle of a frenzied fire fight — - where a wounded soldier was down and stuck in the middle of whizzing bullets. He ran into the fire and dragged the wounded soldier back to safety. It could be another bullshit story. We don’t know. I know this though — - JOHN MCCAIN went to D.C. And spent his days waging wars. Making sure others suffer for his “lost war” and deep shame about Vietnam — - Oliver stone comes back to NYC. In disgust. — he takes all his medals. And there were many. — - takes the Staten Island ferry ride. And throws all of his medals into the Hudson River. John mccain a war hero? Or war monger? I can’t tell. Maybe a bit of both.
  • “the media is full of shit” favorite of Trumps rants. Yes. — that’s 100% true.
  • “Blacks live in hell on earth” — well he was talking about President Obama first black president. Ostensibly a populist — man of the people. And brought the justice that the black community desperately needed after years of domestic terrorism committed upon them by the state. The CIA. The FBI. All running drugs into their communities. As they fill up the jails jails with young black men. The actual statistics grew under Obama. More black in prison under Obama than were slaves in 1850. The economic situation of the black community has worsened in steep and bitterly sharp way. — - one might consider it hell on earth. In fact. Black lives matter was a targeted organization by the Feds under Obama as a subversive “quasi terrorist” group. — - there was infiltration. Subversion and divide and conquer tactics employed by saboteurs working directly for Obama’s cabinet. Id call it hell on earth as the militarized police truncheons in hand looking like storm troopers suppressed peaceful protesting. Of legitimate crimes against the community by the authority granted power by the state — - and the media slurred it as a bunch a jiggaboos looting and destroying public property and terrorizing the white community. One need look only at Missouri. — for a single example. But there were many including Baltimore. And its legitimate. — but it was demoralized. Sabotaged. Repressed. And subverted by the president himself who dismissed them as a bunch of criminals. Even if Obama was ALL FINESSE. SUAVE. AND COMPLETELY SCRIPTED. — - he never picked up a phone and did a thing for these people. — - is trump any better? Nope. — - any worse? We dont know yet. But don’t be fooled by the lies. Is all. It is close to hell in black America.
  • “I think we would be better off if we didn’t overthrow saddam, gaddafi, and attempt to overthrow Assad” — - well there’s no question that we Americans would be better off. And it only takes a single glance at Iraq Syria and Libya today to know they’d CERTAINLY be better off without our the USA intervention.


  • Duplicity of the COG. — - continuity of government — - a state of constant readiness for war. The wartime president act since 2001. We have had 16 years of terrorism at home and abroad.


Nuff said.


There’s never been a single country to attack the United States in the past 100 years. — - with the exception of Japan. It was a military attack on a military base which differs from a military attack on the civilian population of the USA

9/11 was a military style attack on the civilian population of the United States.

There’s no way that a bunch of guys alone in a cave did this by themselves. Theres a legitimate paper trail. The extremity in which the deep state will go to secure their own survival. I.e. They killed JFK bc after bay of pigs and the Cuban missile crisis. He was livid at Allen Dulles. He was going to dismantle the CIA. KILLED


These are not nutty theories. GO TO DC.

The freedom of information act — - the national archives records and internal memorandums date back to the late 40's. The first internal memo was that now that Mussolini had been liberated from Italy. It was imperitive we immediately restore FASCISM back to Italy. Because. In north Italy the actual Italian people had liberated their own communities of Mussolini all by themselves without the help of Patton.

They had already set up their community governance and were independent and running the country like a democracy.

The first memo — — we can’t allow that. Must restore fascism back into Italy as priority #1

FASCISM is highly profitable.

And what does it have to with us?

Well. They have an agenda. It’s not Trump’s agenda. The same agenda under Obama. Under Bush. Under Clinton going backwards.

In fact. Obama has done more than any other president so far to harm democracy and push the piecemeal reforms of the early 1900's onward up to the 60s up to 2017 more so backwards.

The great successes of our social justice In America were never a result of some benevolent President elected to office.

Woodrow Wilson’s war on women.

Do you know that the blood ran in the streets. They wont let women vote. — - these were battles of the people against their own government.

Great American novel


The novel begins like this.

Scene: The Mississippi Valley Time: Forty to fifty years ago

which is to say that Huck Finn is a criminal. He had stolen property (a slave) by the name of jim. And as a juvenile delinquent committing an act of crimes against the laws of the government of the United States had become an outlaw. By the start of the book. Huck is looking for trouble. He’s a wannabe gangster. He’s also a young boy. He doesn’t really understand the morality of slavery — - he steals Jim because he thinks it’s a fun adventure. He’s breaking the law. He doesn’t respect authority. He enjoys an element of danger. It’s for fun and thrill. By the middle of the book a great flood occurs. Jim and Huck get separated on the river. During this time both escape death on dry land off the river alone. — - when they reunite by serendipitous events. It’s at this point jim expresses how much he TRULY needs and relies on Huck. He can’t survive without Huck. But it’s the not the same for Huck. He can leave right then and there and go home and be a normal kid like the rest of society. Now Huck had his first taste of TRUE DEATH. The risk is real. And it never was very meaningful to Huck politically to steal Jim. — — he did it to piss off the adults. And he’s a bad kid. He’s a criminal. A little juvenile delinquent! So. It’s at this point. At the CAIRO RIVER PASS where Huck finally realizes. Although he can go back. — - and he’ll be fine. Jim wont be fine. — - he also knows that if he pushes forward on his trek. That his probability of being killed just exponentially increases. In fact. He’s got little chance of surviving if he continues his trek with Jim (which originally was just a prank and a disaffected young juvenile being disobedient against the authority.)
The punishment of Huck’s crime is death. Now. He knows. And. That’s when Huck knew this isn’t fun. It’s not a game or a fun adventure. Its life or death. — — and he’s no skin in the game — - except for one thing. JIM is his friend now. — - his best friend. — - so. Huck says. “Fuck it. Let’s go get ourselves killed!” And pushes ahead Ohio upstream.

That’s the story of America.

Huck is a criminal. — - in an unjust era. Under unjust laws. — - and the consequences of disobeying the law in Huck’s case now is being hunted and shot down by bounty hunters with a price on his head.

Not for money though. — not even for fun. Sometimes you can’t go backwards on the river.

The river is a sanctuary for jim and Huck. They are safe on the river. As long as they are not on dry land and moving along the river — - they are pretty much safe. In their minds at least.

The river is an American river. The narrative is a story of America through the eyes of a few criminals and a slave.

The moral is. — - IN AN UNJUST ERA. the law has no providence. And in America. Our river is one of progress. It’s not like Joseph Conrad’s Congo river in “The heart of darkness”

At the end of Marlow’s river — in the heart of darkness. — - KURTZ is progress.

“Oh the horror, the HORROR!”

I prefer our river. And Hillary Clinton is Kurtz. I. E. She’s progress at the end of our river.

Nope. We just decided. We’ll gamble our own lives like Huck Finn. Because FUCK YOU. that’s why.

No single president in history has centralized lethal authority. Out the executive branch. He centralized the executive wing with spies. Gangsters. Mercenaries and thugs.

Bill Maher loved it.

Now it’s trump with the same government. — -now he don’t like it.

It doesn’t matter who the president is. THE SHADOW GOVT isn’t gone

But for what it’s Worth The Democrats. RED BAITED trump for months on end until they pressured him by the media and by (NOT PUBLIC OPINION) bc 80% of Americans oppose intervening in Syria. But a SMEAR CAMPAIGN. calling him a communist sympathizer. A putin lover. Etc. that he took action in Syria. Blew it to hell

Nancy Pelosi was never so proud of herself.

Hillary Clinton was jubilant. Shes says with. Jouissance “Don’t forget to bomb his airforce” / — yep and power plants. Waste treatment favilities. Medical supply outposts. Powdered milk factories. And all the PLUMBING that keeps human feces off the food supply and clean. water. — - cholera is next — - its worse than SARIN