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Be A Wildflower

Not a rose

The phrase ‘be a rose’ is so widely used that I don’t think anyone actually stops to think through what they are saying.

Why would they? Roses have become the modern world’s definition of perfection and beauty, so of course people are drawn to the idea of being one.

Almost everyone is infatuated with the idea of being as beautiful as the flower of love. Many people wish to be the as outstanding as the colour of deep, passionate red or as alluring as the colour combination of red and green.

What people often forget is that roses are not just known for their beauty; they are also known for how difficult they are to grow.

You see, roses are weak.

They need a gardener, or maybe a few, to tend to them everyday without fail to ensure that they grow.

Give them too much sunlight and they wilt. Give them too much water and they die.

You have to handle them with the utmost care. Touch the petals just a little too hard and they bruise within the next few minutes.

Roses are weak, so I have a suggestion for you.

Why not be a wildflower instead?

Sounds weird? Hear me out.

Wildflowers are strong.

They thrive in horrible conditions, somehow going against all odds and reaching for the sun.

They do not require any care at all because just nature is enough.

Gave them too much or too little of anything? It’s alright, those little things will make the most out of it.

Not only that, but wildflowers are beautiful too if you look closely enough.

I will not discourage you from wanting to be a rose, for I understand the attraction to call oneself that.

However, just consider the fact that wildflowers too, are valuable.

The moment I started labelling myself as a wildflower, those restrains that held me tight in the past loosened and I was able to break free. I am not a rose.

I do not need to always be perfect and I do not need to be perfect at all.

I can just be me.

Perfectly wild and perfectly me.

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