Resolutions? Maybe Not

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The new year has started.

Yet, at a time when many around the globe have came up with their new year resolutions, I find myself with a blank piece of paper.

My new year resolutions have yet to be thought through. In fact, I have a feeling that 2018 will be the first year that I do not limit and structure my life to a piece of paper pinned up on a board.

The more that I ponder on what exactly I should write down, the more I find myself inclined not to write anything.

For years, I have raised my hopes every start of the year with the prospect that ‘hey, this year will be the year I get X done’. And for years, I have disappointed myself time after time.

What will make this year any different? I can already see it: I will jot down some genuine goals and I will let myself down half-way through the month.

So maybe this year I will make no resolutions.

Maybe this year, I will focus on being.

Maybe this year I will just allow myself to enjoy life and be present in the moment without worrying about anything else.

Maybe this year, I will finally live.

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