Water Should Be Free
Megan Reynolds

I have to wonder if the people who use this service are going to save money at all. If all of the water dispensers are located in cafes, then a person would have to enter the cafe to get the water, and it’s a pretty standard rule to have to buy coffee or a pastry or something if you go into a cafe. Sure, some outlaws may occasionally dart into a cafe bathroom without ordering a latte first, but the barista is going to give you very dirty looks if you make a habit of not ordering. Between the social prohibitions on this behavior and the natural human inclination to buy stuff where there’s stuff available to purchase, I can’t believe that many Reefill users are going to save more money than they’d spend on bottled water. The environmental upside of using fewer plastic bottles would still exist, but that’s the only upside I can see to the Reefill service.