I love this entire piece, especially the idea of being obsessed with cartoon cats while not even…

I’ve always thought that the desire for more is the greatest blessing and the greatest curse of humanity. On the one hand, it’s great because it spurs individuals on to work hard to get promotions and try new things and invent vaccines and explore the unknown. On the other hand, this desire makes people feel that they don’t have what they need in love or work or friendship and they’ve got to buy a bigger house to keep up with the Joneses and they deserve more all of the time. The impulse, therefore is necessary for the progress of the human species, and for individual gain, but it also stokes materialism and a lot of baser emotions.

I’m not sure how to strike the perfect balance between the positive and negative aspects of the need for more, but I imagine the first step is just acknowledging that this need can be equally helpful and hurtful and for individuals to try to be aware of which role it is playing in their lives at any given time.