Another “School vs. Money” Question of the Day
Nicole Dieker

Ick. I don’t object to a child modeling or being an Instagram star, but:

A) Haileigh is dressed as a mini-adult, not a child. It can be cute to have a picture of a child dressed in adult clothing, but asking a child to habitually look and act like someone 15+ years older can’t be good for the child’s sense of self.

B) Haileigh’s mother keeps making pointed comments about how terrible Hailee looks. That can’t be good for her child’s self esteem.

C) It’s nice that Haileigh will has a trust fund, but if her mother keeps interrupting her education at this critical age, the girl may well have trouble learning to read or developing other essential academic (and social) skills. Making Haileigh a star at this age is fine, but if that stardom means that her other prospects (doing well enough at school to get a good adult job or get into college) suffer, I don’t think that it’s worthwhile.

As other commenters have indicated, Haileigh needs some sort of solid educational foundation, whether that be her current school minus all the absences, or a private tutor who works around Haileigh’s modeling schedule.

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