If You Want to Discuss the Senate Health Care Bill…
Nicole Dieker

Ick. I suppose I’d like this bill better than the ACA if I were an insurance company, and libertarian types will probably appreciate the removal of the individual mandate. And perhaps some good will come of removing the requirement that businesses provide healthcare if it means that part-time employees will be offered full-time work, though I doubt much of that will happen.

Otherwise, I can’t find anything that anyone would like about this bill. The nods to states’ rights (block grants and such, ability for states to decide not to cover some conditions) seem fairly perfunctory if you believe in giving power to the states and very scary if you live in a state that might actually decide to rule out coverage for conditions of its choice.

In the end, I don’t think this bill will be good for much anyone, the GOP included. If this bill passes, it will technically be a win for Republicans, but I don’t think the bill will be more popular than the ACA, and everyone who can no longer afford insurance is not going to be itching to vote red in the next election.

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