Until the Robot Cars Arrive, Here Is How Much You’re Paying Per Year of Car Ownership
Nicole Dieker

If driver-free cars really take off, it’s going to be interesting to see the differences in car usage between urban and rural areas. I don’t know that Lyft or Uber or any other autonomous car service will be interested about getting into the pop. 1,000 people and 500 cows market, and given some of the far distances between rural homes and grocery stores/ entertainment/ etc., I don’t know that most rural dwellers would be willing/ able to pay for a 100-mile round trip to pick up groceries and run other errands in town.

Also, driverless cars on the private market will be too expensive for a lot of rural folks to buy until the technology has been on the market for years. I foresee a situation where most city dwellers are chauffeured around in autonomous cars while rural people still own cars and drive themselves.

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