I agree with you that additional funding would help to encourage needed government employees (e.g.,
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If the employees are needed, then incentivizing candidates to apply makes sense. This is exactly what private industry does when it offers higher salaries, benefits, and sometimes even tuition remission. I’m not suggesting that the government regularly offer tuition remission benefits if its employees are paid well, just that it may be wise to keep the option on the table to offer an incentive if it is deemed necessary to staff critical positions, or if the program helps with worker retention (without damaging performance) or is otherwise beneficial. If the taxes of individuals or corporations already pay salaries, health care, etc. for these workers, I can’t see how paying tuition is any different; so long as the total dollar value of salary, benefits, and tuition remission are reasonable, tuition remission is simply part of the benefit package on offer to these employees.

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