Dear Businesslady: Why Do Anything?
Courtney C.W. Guerra {Businesslady}

This is a nice overview of what to look for in a job and a good reminder of what really matters. It makes sense that young people just starting their careers would overlook one or more pieces of pie in pursuit of a giant slice of one particular flavor (And sometimes that’s inevitable; entry level salaries often don’t provide a large money slice.). And of course, many people in a rough economy have to take whatever pie they can find. But even older people with options fail to take the composition of the whole pie into consideration. I can’t count the number of times a friend has complained that the job they happily took two years ago has no room for advancement or that their job makes them absolutely miserable, even though they’re making good money. I can only conclude that either the pie metaphor is not a lesson that’s easily learned, or that people who understand it intellectually still think that somehow it doesn’t apply to them.