The issue, as explained to me a year ago by an army medical officer, was that while people are…

Yeah, the transition issue is BS. Even if it’s a problem, the is no need for a blanket ban on all trans people in the military. Those who have already transitioned should be able to serve without restriction. Those who haven’t transitioned could be kept out, but other options exist. Obviously, some could be kept out of active combat zones when that makes sense; the military still has plenty of desk jobs. If that is somehow unacceptable, it makes more sense to evaluate individuals on a case by case basis than to keep everyone out. Not everyone who transitions wants or needs hormones or surgery, so there would be nothing wrong with allowing them into service.

It’s also worth noting that there are already trans people in the military, and there will continue to be trans people in the military with or without a ban. Not everyone is going to disclose their trans status when they join the military, particularly if they know they won’t be accepted if they do (and some people may not know that they’re trans when they join). These soldiers might well announce their trans status during, say, their second year of service. Should the military immediately kick them out? It could, but that’s a pretty big waste of the time and training that the military put into this group of people, not to mention flat out discriminatory.

In the meantime, trans soldiers may be forced to stay closeted, which is not good for anyone’s mental health, but could be flat-out dangerous to those soldiers who actively suffer from gender dysphoria.

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