Spring Haikus

March Madness

My happiness for

the next two weeks hinges on

a nineteen year-old

Daylight Savings Time

They act like losing

an hour of sleep isn’t

a nightly event.

St. Paddys

Mostly, I spend this

day pretending I don’t have

a huge stomachache.

Spring Outfits

Now that it’s nice out,

I guess I’ll wear these old shirts

and pretend they’re new.

Spring Cleaning

I should probably

throw out these papers. But then

the divorce is real.

Spring Weddings

Such a romantic

time to unite as one and

get Instagram likes.

Opening Day, 2017

My son didn’t catch

a foul ball. But he did

catch some pokemon.

Beautiful Saturday

This lake is such a

picturesque place to answer

pressing work e-mails.

Prom Proposal

Ummm so like, I was

umm, well, I really, umm, so

do you, umm…dammit.